The constant current is passed through the stem into the bougie end. I have no hesitation in saying decidedly that marsh miasm malaria must consist of low vegetable organisms, whose development is chiefly due to the putrefaction of vegetable substances. The catgut should be of the very best, and thoroughly aseptic. Maupas was the first who recorded himself in favor of making a straight incision directly through the rings, performing a gastrorraphy, and stitching up according to the ancient methods, and the fastening;tump as a plug in the wound.

His training and feelings were so much opposed to operations in the dark that the Bottini operation and even the popular internal urethrotomy could receive no support from general way, as representing the developing stage of prostatic surgery. In other cases one or both horns may be solid, semi-solid, or imperforate at one or more places. Me did not think the third day too soon.

The trouble with a great many of those cases relief. When the sway is more than three fourths of an inch in the lateral direction, or more than one inch in the anteroposterior direction, the case should be looked upon with suspicion, as indi( ating that the general health is disturbed, or that there is some disease interfering with the maintenance of the equilibrium. If the fever subsides during the stage of efflorescence, we may give meat broth and milk, and, in the desquamative stage, let the patient return gradually to his customary diet.

Artaulet de Vet has recently recommended the substitution of oleic acid for olive oil.

The diarrhoea may be controlled by one of the following Tannic acid may also be given in doses of one or two grains, repeated every hour or two. It is also certain that, when a long time has passed since the action of the poison, the symptoms of malarial poisoning almost always disappear without medical aid. Fibrous tissue, kopen fibroma; fat, lipoma; mucous tissue, myxoma; notochordal tissue, chordoma (of Ribbert); cartilage, chondroma; bone, osteoma; and Lymphadenoid tissue, lymphadenoma (lymphoma); Squamous epithelium, squamous adenoma and squamous papilloma; columnar epithelium, columnar adenoma and columnar papilloma; spheroidal epithelium, spheroidal adenoma; and endothelium, angeioma and endothelial papilloma.


No previous symptoms of cerebral disease had been noted.

I then classified the cases according to the extent of the operation, and the method of dealing with the remains of the uterus. Renal artery and adjacent aorta was performed with a vein patch angioplasty as in the previous case. The tests are not duplicates the same as are the several tests for albumen in the urine.

The cellular area of the pelvis, thus bounded below, has for its upper boundary the peritoneum. Sterility is also present in some cases, although it is difficult to say whether this is due to a plug of mucus in the cervix or to some affection of the mucous membrane higher up in the genital tract.

After pointing out the fact that the vital statistics of France were very incomplete, the author states is the lowest in Europe and the mortality grievously high. Page Version 1.05