Such actions have not been adequately studied or related to dosage although they appear to require high doses of the drug. It can hardly be doubted that the hypnotizing therapeutists have often been more occupied with the psychology than with the cure, and that the education of the patient's self-control has not always been a primary object.

The authors wish to recognize the fresh-tissue technique. Many years afterward a flock of lambs were treated in the same way, except that as five could stand in the tub of hot solution together each remained in it from twenty to twenty-five minutes. Her death occurred five days after her discharge, and fortunately an autopsy was secured. When the mucous membrane of the mouth is affected it is more often fatal, death being caused by inanition or asphyxia resulting from the extent of the exudates. The bread licensed practitioners, surgeons, and physicians ai'e daily running to and fro through this mighty metropolis, whose patients iir due toui-se of time and physic, are handed over It has been already stated that the Thermal Establishments of Piedmont have been placed at the disposal of the wounded and siek of the Franco-Sardinian army. This strategy is similar to the way retirement is handled in other industries. Both ureters enormously dilated, containing stinking pus. In the- naturally contracted disease extensive hyperemia of the mucosa of the large intestine, bordering on a hemorrhagic condition, has been observed.

Frequently, in the case of meat perscription fed animals, the ulcer is completely uncovered on the twentieth day, the granulation tissue of the base of the ulcer having become necrotic. He usually found, however, that without the older children in whom this condition was present had always been undernourished and presented a greater or less degree of underdevelopment. They have been able to produce typical lobar pneumonia in monkeys by the simple injection into the trachea of very small amounts of cultures of pneumococcus tracheal cartilages. Dalton was formerly on the Facilty of the University of Mississippi ichool of Medicine in Jackson. On physical examination no deformity in the spine can be determined, and occasionally, especially in the lumbar region, there is only slight spasm of the erector spinas muscles; but in the iliac fossa, and down on the thigh, one may notice a large collection of pus. But if, instead of removing the kidneys, you simply make a division of their nerves, the animal dies. The anatomical changes are subject to great variation.

Since that time it has slowly increased, and given the patient great suffering from its dragging and weight, and prevmted his turning in bed without assistance. We know of an instance where it was used on a horse which had been run into by the cars, and badly mutilated, hardly considered worth saving, yet under the kind treatment of a gentleman, who covered the wounds with cloths which he kept saturated in kerosene, the horse completely recovered. The occasional localization of the tumor on parts of the body poor in muscle, and the insignificant affection of the muscular system in comparison to the severe affection of the connective tissue are observed.

It follows that the preventive treatment must always be begun at the earliest possible moment after the bite. Moreover, these narrowings are not found in every individual, nor in enough persons to form a rule. The ordinary thermometer consists of a glass tube marked with the degrees, and terminating at the lower extremity in a bulb which contains the bulk of the mercury, a portion of this rising into the tube and being further raised as warmth is applied to the bulb. Now, the laboratory experiment furnishes us with certain definite facts; if our therapeutic experiment does not harmonize with them, the error is not in the facts, but in their interpretation or in that of the therapeutic experiment. A physical examination soon confirmed the existence of pneumothorax of the right side.

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