Kruse also isolated from a case of traumatic tetanus an aerobic organism that was no longer capable of producing tetanic symptoms. In tuberculosis of the pharyngeal lymph glands Stiennon observed dysphagia, moist cough, muco-purulent nasal discharge, sensitiveness of the pharjTigeal region and rattling expiration. Therefore it was very essential that the uterus should be completely emptied and kept in as clean a condition as Dr. In other species, again, these tentacula are but slightly the vibrations of the long slender body, whose acting surface is assisted by the prolongation of the mantle into fin-like processes which are elevated upon cartilaginous supports. This may be true in a state of nature, but when we bear in mind that domesticated animals are bred in such a way as to produce a certain result, and are thereby made to a certain degree abnormal, it is evident that natural selection can not help us out, especially as the tendency toward making domesticated animals more and more dependent on mankind is growing rather than diminishing. Within two weeks after beginning thyroid treatment he was practically well. Milk from infected herds should not be permitted to be sold unless previously heated to at udder should under no circumstances be permitted to be sold, given away or otherwise utilized.

There is alfo a chronic aqueous diarrhoea, in which the atmofpheric moifture, drunk up by the cutaneous and pulmonary lymphatics, is poured into the inteftines, by the retrograde motions of the lafteals.

The Rhodomontade of a Sociable Skull. DaCosta has been connected with the college for many years, and has recently been Demonstrator of Surgery and Chief of the Out-patients department. This case serves still further to show the facility with which accidental club-feet may be restored; so decided a case of the congenital form, as that of young Leturc, would have required months of treatment, and it is even doubtful whether it could ever have Charles de L, aged five years, was born with both feet highly deformed; the mother affirmed that she had experienced no extraordinary pain, or noticed any particular sign during the period that she was pregnant with this child, but that she had, on the contrary, suffered much more during two consecutive pregnancies, both of which terminated in the birth of daughters.

The child did not utter a single cry, and only a Notwithstanding tlie section of the tendon, the foot remained deformed, and I was unable to reduce itentirely to a normal direction. Hard and painful callosities existed on both feet; locomotion was accomplished with great difficulty, and falls were of very frequent occurrence. G., of the toes (Rabe) or side of the chest (Rivolta) gradually progresses, attended with only slight pain, and without producing conspicuous disturbance of function. The latter, which is the more important, is characterized by the appearance of isolated foci, the size of a pea or a bean, occurring in the submucous tissue and sometimes in the mucous membrane, which may undergo ulceration with the production of fistulous tracts. The approximation of articular surfaces in health is secured in part by the tonic action of the muscles, especially at the shoulder, hip, and knee; hence paralysis of the muscles controlling these joints is attended bv relaxation and a sjreater deiiree of mobility than normal: avis. The same author maintains that cholecystectomy is preferable to cholecystotomy where the organ has been the seat of destructive inflammation, as evidenced by the thickened walls and extensive adhesions; or where recurrence of gall-stones has occurred. For control experiment the urine was kept at body and at room temperature, but no development of bacteria followed. I may state, however, that in all of my cases the deformity has been corrected, and that neither at the time of the operation nor subsequently have undesirable complications arisen. This was a subject with which the online Government only could fairly grapple; but these Bills would be useful as pointing out the paths of Medical reform which it was desh'able they should follow. The problem was not so difficult as some had thought.


Occasionally there is aphonia; or speech may be interrupted from time to time by noisy "pharmacy" inspiratory sounds consequent on incomplete opening of the glottis. Page Version 1.05