He had been much interested in what the author had said about the beneficial effects obtained by the use of calomel, because calomel cleared the blood of uric acid. The committee have, therefore, had to contend against more than the ordinary difficulties attending so great an undertaking, and its present success is due entirely to the zeal and energy of its chairman, Professor H.


While the physicians called by the people to sustain the allegation of insanity say that the defendant is insane, they differ radically among themselves as to the classification of that alleged insanity. Prostatic massage, in experienced hands, is a safe and satisfactory measure, while in careless hands it is a dangerous Massage of the prostate is performed with a definite purpose in mind as to just what is to be accompHshed. On making an incision into the left ventricle, its walls were found rigid and unyielding, and fully one inch in thickness; its cavity was not increased in size; there was no evidence of inflammation upon its lining membrane, and the mitral valve"was healthy (feldene). Though advancing no theory in regard to the matter, Jones has noticed that external genitals became more relaxed and the os and cervix more pliable uterine displacements are due directly to these or to coexisting diseases of the adnexa. He spoke of a patient that he had recently seen at the clinic. On opening up the mastoid, the cells were found full of pus, although there was no breaking down of the interstices between the cells. She says,"I want to tell you of May.

For example, a considerable number of noncontacts have been shown to harbor the germ of cerebrospinal fever and are therefore carriers. Since the introduction of that term into medical nomenclature, thanks to the genius of Pasteur, fermentation has been shown to be due to the presence of micro-organisms. The gastric atony may go on to catarrh and eating be followed by vomiting.

When I visited her next day she was suffering much from dyspnoea and exquisite pain in the epigastrium. The case was a girl four months of age, who for two months had been subject to frequent attacks of vomiting, and who, finally, on account of this incessant vomiting, was admitted into the Charite at Berlin. Charcot called attention to the frequent association of crural neuralgia and diabetes.

Intracranial sanguinolent effusion consequent on injury (see list of cases). The backache started three weeks later, after her return to her home and to walking. For these, appropriate exercises may be practiced with either weight and pully, dumbbells or Indian clubs. JNIoreover, he introduction of the Wassermann reaction has shown an unusually high percentage of positive reactions in the blood of general paresis cannot be denied. Today it moves them as you The results of this case are gratifying, especially to the mother who had c)iild was hopelessly paralyzed and There remains a distinct thickening of the tibia of each leg and a slight coryza. Didymium diminishes muscle contractility, but the duration is unaffected or slightly diminished.

The test was also usually negative in arrested cases of tuberculosis. He complained of a sense of weight and pressure over the stomach, con lunch of indigestible food, and In a few hours suffered considerable distress.

In the first place, the friends of patients may be so averse to having them informed of what is being done that they would neglect or refuse to- seek such care and treatment as may be urgently needed. On inquiry I obtained the following history. Let us see if that act was, as the partisans of Hunter claim, merely a lucky blunder, conceived in ignorance and passed without appreciation. The skin became dry and desquamated in plaques and numerous bed sores formed over the sacrum and hips. The loops are removed when oozing has nearly ceased; rest in bed and dry dressings are continued up to complete healing. In very severe cases the pain is so great that the patient cannot walk, and this may lead to a suspicion of palsy from spinal cord disease.

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