Hunter encloses in his report data taken from the official man, while an invalid from an abdominal abscess (in the walls of the abdomen), was again attacked with' cholerine,' much more severely than the first time, but recovered, and is now in good also during the epidemic of the present year. Salmon." The outstanding statistics, the general color of the situation, and something of the variety of methods of care and management of these cases, were brought to us by Colonel Salmon, who now as DirectorGeneral of Psychiatry overseas is already beginning to show results from his ripe organizing ability and his impartial grasp of the opinions of the men and the practical aspects military camps and hospitals.

On examination, the os and cervix uteri were found to be affected with cancer, tlie disease spreading up the interior of the canal, and thus precluding the possibility of and it was decided to treat it with caustics. I do not think more than half a dozen men are not members of the societies.

Condensed milk babies are likely to be of this type. Short at least one-third of the actual number, for many of the cases, which pertain almost exclusively to the higher classes of society; but the experience of the Catharine-Hospital shows that both these diseases are not less prevalent among the lower classes, such as hired domestics, than among those who have been educated, and who continue to live in the increase and decrease of temperature. I preferably leave stout braided silk in tube, and never had this pulled out by child. The doctor dues were cancelled, which reduced the on several occasions attended the Mayo sional life he was a success. The day may come when all physicians will be required to be dentists, and all dentists physicians, but until that day, is it not the moral duty of the physician and dentist to cooperate in the study of this disease for the scien tific advancement of the combined professions and for the greater welfare of the patient? The essential improvements in this new electric ophthalmoscope are simplicity, superior illumination of the ftindus, and the replacement of the customary fragile mirror by a solid piece of glass which acts both as a condenser and as a reflector. Notwithstanding the energetic employment of appropriate means, the symptoms continued to increase in intensity, (with trivial remissions.) the vomiting, previously bilious, assumed a stercoraceous character, both as to appearance and odour, and about forty-eight hours before death, twelfth day of her illness. If you have concluded to go through the course of study, do so steadily, without fear and without fuss, mastering the elementary subjects first, and the practical afterwards: allegra. Consequently, out of seventy-seven inoculations, one successful result Society, dried specimens of Chinese larvae, from the back of the neck of each of which a slender fungus, twice as large as the body of the insect, had been produced. Philadelphia and BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL This volume represents a class of books in medicine of which we have produced here in America all too few. Very little shortening The second case, was that of a woman in whom the fractured ends of the femur had united so as to form an angle at the point of union. Finally the ligamentous and fascial structures on both sides of the foot were sutured in such a way as to maintain the posterior displacement of the foot. This condition often develops without the patient's knowledge, and is discovered only in routine examination.



The spaces between the tralx'culai were filled with very vascular granulation tissue, somewhat resembling bone marrow. The public health work performed in Charlotte, N. The amenable to surgical treatment, for after chosen solution is instilled by means of a that period an inflammatory stage ap pears, during which the results of exci sion have been very much less satisfac fine glass nozzle attached to a Higgmson's syringe, care being taken to inject fluid into the dephs of the wound. Subsidies to missionary hospitals have been granted, and fellowships and scholarships for study in the United States and Europe. Thus, by making a number of cross examinations, and finding that under these conditions cancer serum reacts with cancer tissue only, and pregnancy serum with placental tissue only, one proves the specificity of the protective ferments and the.specific structure of the various protoplasms. Atmospheric air, the source whence they derive their nutriment, is considered to be a mineral by the most distinguished mineralogists.

This inspection will extend through the summer months, independent of the schools. It was then considered necessary to tie the innominata, which was done at midnight. Your Committee gratefully acknowledges its obligation to all who contributed to the program, insuring its success.

The radial nerve remained divided. The nausea and vomiting of migraine and the overacute state of smell, sight, hearing, and taste are obviously due to cerebral irritation or exhaustion. Why is she here, this woman," inquires Miss Jenison,"bending over her tubes and flasks and microscope instead of in a drawing room, with bowls of white liyacinths at her elbow?" Ah, why indeed? United States Public Health Service: Official list of changes in the stations and duties of commissioned and other officers of the United States Public from duty at the Marine Hospital, New Orleans, La.,:ind directed to report to the medical officer in charge proceed to San Angelo, Texas, for the purpose of investigating suspected case of bubonoic plague.

The object of this paper is to offer a rational method of treatment, both during pregnancy and at the time of labor, for patients in whom a definite cardiac lesion is present, in the hope of setting a standard for the treatment of such cases, inasmuch as no such standard exists today in general practice, and the lives of many women are lost and the health of many others unnecessarily sacrificed by a lack of appreciation of the fact that every patient who has an organic heart lesion must receive careful observation and treatment during pregnancy, if serious consequences are to be avoided, at least in a considerable proportion of the cases.

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