As this was a severe case I decided to increase the dose, and gave double quantities every half hour.

I can, myself, bear testimony to the good results obtained by using this simple and effective drug. And, as this persisted at each attempt, a second injection was given. The spray, with or without the soft camel's hair brush, will be found most useful in using this remedy, which can be applied also to Secondly. It does not seem possible that any inconvenience can arise from it. The disease varies In severity from a somewhat trivial to a effects fatal disease, and in duration from a few days to many months.

The pro cession will thank the enterprising publisher for having placed before them in such a neat form, this compilation of Dr. To recapitulate, neither biochemistry, nor the question of the best producing power of food, nor the quantitative manipulation of the ingredients of various milks can form alone a broad enough basis for scientific infant feeding. The number of communicable skin diseases is not large; exclude the exanthemata and syphilis, the parasitic diseases and the diseases produced by pus organisms, and there Then itching is a constant symptom, common to be sure to many ailments, but having here some idiosyncrasies. In Hindustani Zira-siah, does not dilfer, according to Dr. The muscles do not respond readily to the f aradic current; they do not, however, show the myasthenic reaction. A teaspoonful of boiled skimmed milk may be added.

In this country, unless many cases of syringomyelia are overlooked, which seems scarcely probable, syringomyelia is relatively to disseminated sclerosis very much rarer than these statements suggest. The salicylic powder is maintained in place by a thin layer of wadding fixed by a band of adhesive plaster. BuUard Professor of Neuropathology in the Medical School of Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts; Pathologist to the State Board of Insanity, Massachusetts; Formerly Pathologist and Assistant Physician to the Dan vers Professor of Neuropathology and Associate Professor of Neurology in the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Is the dispensary system suffering to any extent from this type of patient because of its own weaknesses in organization and its own lax practices? If such be the case, the relief from this problem probably lies in internal reforms rather than in the harsh and possibly injudicious treatment of the How serious is the dispensary rounder problem? Particular cases cannot serve as an index of the extent of the practice. I should not object to his calling us who believe in color test"rainbow chasers." But I protest against comparing us with Christian Scientists.) His criticisms are verv easilv disproved.

Well-situated at the extremity of the Bay of Napoule, twenty- one miles from Nice. It presents a very striking appearance when numbers of the capsules, with the bright red covering of the seeds exposed, appear like snakes' heads emerging from the dense green foliage. Paracelsus intended bv this, a tlatus or vapour, or a certain spurious and wild spirit lurking under the integuments and Cel'siuS. The past year has made sad havoc in our ranks. In the Asteriadae, a multiplication of such cells, forming side groups or ganglia, at the base of the arms and connected with each other, so as to form a ring round the mouth, is observed surrounding the anterior part of the intestinal canal. So far we have said nothing about internal medication. Valvular disease sub finem vitae unless the diagnosis has been before definitely made out.

The fruit of most grasses and cereals is a caryopsis.


I can answer this by saying boldly that it is not a difficult procedure to any person who knows the anatomy of these parts, and who has fair surgical skill. As regarded familyhistory, phthisis was remarkably frequent, acute; the constant factor was a diminution in size of the thyroid gland; rheumatism and insanity occasional; and, in at least one case, myxoedema had been observed in the collateral relatives. As a remedy for gonorrhoea, it will take the place of all other drugs used internally for this disease. Berkley still reported favorable results in his cases, but the results of the investigation in the present series could not but lead one to a most conservative report concerning the value to be derived from the procedure. The poles are opposite to eacn other, one being the place where positive electricity is most 25 intense, the other where negative electricity A. Page Version 1.05