Years later, when the excitement was over, and the operation rarely performed, experiments properly conducted, and without upon soon after death the mobility of the pelvic bones upon each other was quite marked, and would admit of a wide separation at the pubes without laceration. We may be sincerely thankful that we have never yet come to such straits in this country (canada). We are looking to the day when the surgeon will recognize all cancer tissue and remove same. The extreme rarity of the affection in one so by Dr. Cyr, (as quoted by Spitzka), has reported a number of cases where attacks of hepatic colic were followed by a stupor which almost approached a coma in degree, and acute yellow atrophy of the liver is often accompanied by furious Diseases of the peritoneum are exceptionally enumerated among the causes of mental disease, and Bergluann and Barry have published cases where such etiological connection seems to have existed. As far as I know, I have had only sidered as being in any way connected with the cause of death (fildena).

Catgut and antiseptic precautions were used, and a rapid In all the cases, arrest of pulsation and diminution in size took place in the aneurism, and there was no recurrent pulsation. It is the well-known chronic, intensely irritable dermatitis, usually papular, but often made eczematous by scratching, which affects the vulva, the perinseum, or the anus in persons past middle age, and has been included above under Eczema. After a bloody fluid appears around the nose, eyes, mouth and anus, convulsions soon claim the patient and death is the promptly given. Her family came from Jennings County, is afiSliated with the Masonic Lodge, Quiney Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, with Protective Order of Elks, and is a member of the Zeta Chapter of the Beta Phi Sigma at Elwood. A still more delicate test-fluid is a solution of methyl violet, which imparts a red color to amyloid material, the normal splenic tissues becoming distinctly has become so much enlarged as to cause a feeling of fulness, of weight, or of traction. Then, again, sewers are obliged to follow certain lines of grade, while drains, to be most effective, as before stated, should be laid in the direction of the steepest slope.

Accomplishes good, not by reduction of temperature but by application of water. We will swear that the ace of the spade suit is white, If some Gerniiiu but siiys so, you know. The mouth should be carefully and copiously syringed out with water after the cauterization.

Broken sewers and leaking cesspools allow liquids saturated with decomposing animal matter to pass into the soil and contaminate both ground-air and ground-water; the latter in all probability to drain into some well, with results that have already been described. The most important and acknowledged uses of Cimicifuga are, however, established empirically. Too long has the public been led to believe that there is no remedy save the combination of climate and food, to the discouragement and detriment of the patient and the suppression of special continued efforts on the part of the practising physician. Injury had been treated with straight splints and roller. This should be repeated every five or six hours. As a general thing, however, the extensors are first involved, the supinator longus usually escaping until the flexors or biceps are attacked, or even until a later period. Long taught history in the Logansport High School. In the following it appears to have been restricted to the brain: Stcehr, hemispheres corpora mamillaria; Dumville, protuberance medulla oblongata and corpora olivaria; Pool, hemispheres centrum ovale; Cruveilhier, anterior face of the medulla oblongata, protuberance, cerebral peduncles, corpus callosum, walls of the lateral ventricles, and the origins of the pneumogastric glosso-pharyngeal and hypoglossal nerves; Duplay, hemispheres, particularly in the vicinity of the ventricles, optic thalami, and corpora striata; Van Camp, protuberance; Obertimpfler, hemispheres; Barthez and Rilliet, hemispheres, particularly one convolution; Cohn, hemispheres in two cases; Gunsburg, hemisphere, gray substance of the convolutions; Valentiner-Frerichs, cerebellar peduncles, corpora olivaria, protuberance, and medulla oblongata; Meynert, cerebellum and protuberance.! Bourneville and Guerard,f while asserting that the existence of multiple cerebral sclerosis as a separate and distinct they further declare was probably imperfectly reported, admit the fact that he does not cite the works in which the details are to be found I have not been able to verify his statements. In a fortnight the man was able to walk and eat as usual, and subsequently returned to his work, quite well. As a splint, adhesive plaster is only in one sense properly a member of this group. The man had been conscious of it from August until the following April, and had been under treatment at the hands of another physician from September until the first of April. Let us here emphasise the fact that we are now comparing phthisis with other diMeases, and not with the healthy population, and these observations would seem to show that a delicate person may fail in many ways besides becoming phthisical, and that a delicate narrow ovoid face, may mean liability to other diseases not necessarily tubercular. Page Version 1.05