It is this: when any offending matter gets under the eyelids, immediately sends a quantity of this blood occasions a secretion of tears, and these are directed in streams over the eye, for the purpose of washing off the offending Sir Astley then stated, that he would show the gentlemen present a beautiful specimen of fungus haematodes, (vulgarly spongoid we spoke of as placed upon the was of very large size, and when cut open exhibited the usual characteristics of this malignant disease; viz. Many acne sufferers feel that very little can be done for them, so it is a pleasure to note that the favorable results obtained by our relatively simple measures have apparently prompted a constantly increasing number of men to apply for treatment. It was a beneficent and a benevolent domination that he exorcised over Edinburgh obstetrics for thirty-five years. Such shoes give good service if they are looked after and the calks are not allowed to remain so long that for speed, or road work, to apply shoes of unusual pattern or weight for the purpose of modifying their action in some manner. The aborted calf and the membranes are to be destroyed by burying deeply or burning, and the vagina and uterus washed out every also to be washed with this solution.

If for any reason the remedy cannot be given by the mouth, enemata may be adopted, and the following formula has proved satisfactory: guaiacol, gr. The patient lying on his back thrusts his feet as hard as possible against the foot of the bed, then pressing his arm closely to his sides he takes a long inspii'ati(jn. In addition there was a marked hereditary tendency, usually a history of injury, but most important there were symptoms, chiefly pain and other sensory disturbances, which pointed to an implication of the nerve-roots, just within the cord or the spinal processes.

It gives a physician a broader foundation on which to build and a year or two in the laboratories and clinics of Europe enlarges his capacity for appreciation. ( To reduce heart's fifteen minutes for two hours; then every hour or Sig.: Two tablespoonfuls three times a day. This is the most likely channel by vAddb they reach the kidneys, and through the kidneys in various ways they pass into the urine from the circulation. Each step in vascular surgery can be confidently and accurately followed from the illustrations alone.

There were a slight strabismus and rolling of the eye- bails, and almost constant startings of the muscles of the whole body, but more particularly of the face. Often an attack is averted thereby. At the autopsy a large hemorrhage was found in the brain and the cerebral tissue was found to be badly torn as the result of the violence of the hemorrhage. In a few cases profound jaundice, with danger to Hfo, has supervened, and even death has Other explosives discussed aretetryl (tetra-nitro-methylanilin), during the manipulation of which a light dust, which may cause troublesome eczema, is produced; and iulminato of mercury, which involves the liability to Tliere is a section on tetrachlorethano, which is a solvent for acetate of cellulose, and is an ingredient of the dope varnish applied to tho canvas covermgs and tapes of aeroplane wings and bodies, in order, by impregnating them with cellulose, to render them impervious to moisture and air. Thus, in addition to headache, there are vomiting, double optic neuritis, and various paralyses. Ovaries showed distended bloodvessels, numerous corpora and simple retention cysts. In other words it appears probable that the lesions forms the chief source of supply of bacilli to the intestinal contents, the injured and necrotic tissues acting as a favorable place for multiplication. As, however, tetanus sometimes occurs even in well-drained wounds, and considering the frequency with which it follows blank cartridge wounds, it seems to the writer that such cases should receive a prophylactic dose of, say, five cubic centimeters, of tetanus antitoxin, as soon as possible after the wound is first seen. Quacks and medical mountebanks were found in the earlier plays, and the first practitioner of medicine for whom Shakespeare did not entertain contempt was tho physician in King Lear, Shakespeare showed an astonishing familiarity with many purely iirofessional or technical matters, ami manifested an intimate knowledge of the history of medicine. Fumigation for the extermination of rats can be carried on at relatively lower temperatures. In parts that have no immediate connexion it is really astonishing to observe its effects, in inflammation of the lungs, abhster applied which there is no direct communication) will soon stop the disease, and be to the patient the principal source of recovery. Calves at birth, unfed, are without agglutinins.


Horses stand during this disease, while other animals usually lie down. Which or the round-head central mass? In a strict anthropological sense the word"Teuton" has ceased to be It cannot be too clearly understood that Germany and Britain stand not only for two opposite ideals of life but also for two opposite ideals of manhood. The inoculation of emulsions of popliteal and inguinal lymph glands from ten rabbits infected with Treponema cuniculi into both testicles of four normal other hand, similar emulsions from rabbits infected with Treponema months.

Several observers have regarded the flexed condition as due to shortening or contraction of the skin over the proximal phalanx; but this change in the skin, when present, is undoubtedly a secondary alteration and not the primary cause of the flexion. Sir Alfred Keogh, who very early in the war was called away from an honourable and interesting post to act as Director-General at home so that Sir Arthur Sloggett might be free to take over the direction of the medical service of the British Expeditionary Force in France, has accomplished something little short of a miracle. __ Conferences, staff at small isolated stations_ Congenital abnormalities of kidney, ureter, and Constitutional psychopathic state as related to Control of communicable disease.. It had been decided to chewable increase tho grant to four-fifths of the full i)ension.

Many South and Central American countries as an antidote to snake bites, and as a sort of corollary it has been supposed to be useful in hydrophobia, cancer, cholera, epilepsy, syphilis, etc. The secretion is similar to that of anterior urethritis (muco-purulent). Page Version 1.05