Herniation of the cervical intervertebral disk. It is interesting to pneumonitis had any relationship to the subsequent meningitis. His disability was at the occipital bone, and escaped under the right eye; treated in field, Alexandria, Chester, and Philadelphia hospitals. It is well to keep in mind that the biopsy of the squamous cell epithelioma in no way promotes metastasis from it. He recommends people to avoid mental contemplation of one thing or a few things I for too long a 150 time, to equalize mind and body alike. By serving on citizens adoption committees, the physician can help to make known the needs of children and of He can work with medical societies, other groups and individuals for legislation to prohibit unauthorized placement of children for adoption and other sound legislative measures related to it. The physical elasticity of the iris thus operates as an intervening power between the vital contractions of the sphincter and dilator muscles of the pupil, so that they are not in a constant struggle with each other, like two wrestlers, as is commonly supposed. Which exertion she had been cautioned), she had a slight venous hemorrhage from the carotid incision. Before accepting either view, it is important to develop a realistic evaluation of the problem. The fact that he washes to be impartial seems to be immaterial. If the case be seen after the lapse of some days, disease of the hip or tumour of the pelvis may be wrongly diagnosed. County Medical Society, the State Medical Society of Wisconsin, the American Medical Association, and the American Academy of Medical Practice. Although confidence in magic declined, and it became ness of the people, occasionally leading them astray, and tical conceptions of advancing knowledge or even by In ignorance of the operation of natural laws, disease was ascribed to spiritual beings of superhuman powers; ments, and spells of the black art exercised by a sorcerer, wizard, or witch; the evil eye or the act of an enemy; or, possibly, the malady was believed to be superinduced by the gods; and, as religious conceptions reached a higher level, it was regarded as a visitation of the wrath of a deity in revenge for some act of omission or commission, ishment for sin. Kay and Brock investigated the white line regarded by Sergent as due normal persons, and came to the conclusion that it was a local vasomotor reflex resident in the skin, bearing no direct relationship to adrenal activity.

All of the subjects of experimentation and observation were persons of temperament, headstrong, prone to emotional upset with heady problems of life conflicts. The Pelasgians of Arkadia and Boiotia declared that their deities were born, and Greek myths recount the circumstances surrounding the birth, it well in thy mind, that from the same origin sprang Men and the Gods above one race compose: Both from the general parent Earth Derive their old mysterious birth: Man breathes his moment, and is nought Proclaim him kindred of the skies.

An Analysis of Sixty-two Cases of Enteric Fever by"William M. Lund, Vice-Chairman Rochester Arthur V. Re-incubation, prolonged incubation in closed jars, storing in closed cans or dusty places should be After four cases of post-operative tetanus had occurred at a hospital in Bergen, the' sterilized' catgut in use at this hospital was examined at Gade's Institute, where spore-forming germs were found on anaerobic organs and herniae, it is improbable that the hypothesis of auto-infection is sound: if it were, tetanus should be comparatively frequent after operations on the intestine, but this is not the case. These were not independent deities, however, since Shamash, as bel-biri, subject to him as his court attendants. Gipner, Chairman Rochester Franklin R.


(Whether these cardiovascular ef are drug-related is uses not known. Entered the left side of head, two inches in front of ear, and emerged one inch and a half behind ear, fracturing the mastoid portion of temporal bone, etc. In other words, this extra fluid seems to be the first defense in fulfilling the dictum of Hertzler.

In opcninfj the head the onliiijiry inofliod is recommended of luukiii;.'-;im tlie apices ot" the wedge being at tlie I)ase of tiie inastoiil process; and that when the calvaria is returned to its place, it should be secured in proper position by sutures passed through the cut edges of the temporal fascia npon the avoidance of the least apparent mg mutilation or disfigurement of the body, we feel sure our readers will be grateful for this valuable hint. Since then, with the advent of homografts and synthetic grafts, tremendous strides have been made and are continuing to be made in this field.

The lesions were confined to the vascular system of the central nervous system, thrombosis in arteries and veins being the initial change, followed by ischaemic necrosis, and later by inflammation. We may all hope that further exploration of this problem may yield additional compounds possessing all of the advantages of our best new synthetic steroids, but finally, with elimination of the danger of inducing the hyperadrenal cortical state with pituitary inactivation, while maintaining all the anti-infiammatory potency of our best current agents. So that if it be granted that the yellow fever poison was actually imported into the Plymouth, and that it (the poison) is endowed with the power of lying dormant under conditions unfavourable to its development without losing its potential vitality, we arc of the opinion that the precautionary measures adopted in the Plymouth, energetic and well intentioned as they were, were not sufficient to insure the destruction of the cause of the disease." The volume is enriched with a map showing the geographical habitat of yellow fever; with plans exhibiting the internal arrangement of the Plymouth, and with interesting copies of photographs depicting the rodlike (crystalline?) bodies found by the Havana Commission, to be deposited from the air of a military hospital in Havana, and of similar crystals ob tained in Washington, also of photographs of the fungus producing dry rot in timbers of ships, and especially abundant in the Plymouth where it was strongly suspected of preparing hiding-places for the disease germs.

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