The functions of these three centers are determined by experiments on birds, similar to those noted above. Loss of appetite and diarrhoea with noisy, gaseous motions, gaseous distension of the abdomen and roughening of the fur; in some instances there were emaciation and death. All these animals were found to have contracted gastric ulcers, and it appeared to make no difference whether the haemoglobinaemia was produced before or after the stomach was injured.

VViih special reference to the Morbid Secretions of the Prostatic and Urethral Mucous Mennbrane: man.

The small minority in whom conception occurs not only up to the usual time of the menopause, but also beyond it, is largely constituted of healthy women who have married late in life, and in whom there may, consequently, be an unexpended reserve of fertility. If Bauer is right, then all previous teachings concerning that particular property of opium have been wrong. In the sporulating form, which was not in an abscess, the protoplasm had divided, but the spores were not ready formed and the membrane was unopened.

A transverse fracture, as I have found from recent experience, up can sometimes be quite well secured by a single clip of the ordinary dimensions, or by one which is made especially wide. Hence the relation between these rare conditions is supported by a very few observations. The latter observers have also noticed the presence of small haemorrhages. Experience has proved that the best possible aid in the accomplishment of this end is obtained by the use of Sulphur in soap. The respirations, after having become gradually slower and slower, sometimes become, just before death, more and more distant and insensible, sometimes, on the contrary, they become excessively accelerated and panting. The diet should consist entirely of fluids, with drinks of barley-water, arrowroot, soda-water and milk, flax-seed tea, and rice-water. In the most violent forms of the disease, the doses should be repeated once in four or six hours. The tumour was situated exactly at the internal side of the nipple and mammary gland; it was pendulous, and in the course of its development had pushed the gland upwards and outwards; the latter, however, partially adhered to it. A piece of salicyl plaster, fifty per cent., was then applied and left on fortyeight hours, with the result of removing the whole of the upper surface of the skin. Various instruments have been devised for the purpose of removing laryngeal tumours through the natural passages or (as it is termed) by the their advocates. Richardson, in his" Diseases of Modern Life," has correctly pointed out the dangers to the heart of this excessive physical" training," or rather over-straining of the muscular system. He welcomed, now therefore, the measure Mr. Give nux vomica when the disorder arises from deranged digestion, and is attended with constipation, foul taste in the morning, and offensive breath.


Totally abstain from all liquors, malt, distilled and fermented; they are unquestionably conducive to symptoms appear, quit work until the body is thoroughly cooled and If you have suffered from an attack, be specially careful always thereafter, as a second can be more easily brought on than the first. If the heat is too great a green oxide is formed, which is devoid of any caustic action. A further research on the action of thyroid upon the growth of the body and organs of the white rat, while confirming in the main the results obtained by E. There would seem also to be more than an accidental connection between chlorosis and imperfectly formed ovaries.

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