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The section is also characterized by the great attachment between Harry and In the third portion, Katharine, daughter of Katharine attended Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, where she met her future husband, John Sedgewick Billings, son of the famous Dr John Shaw NOTICE TO POLICYHOLDERS, CLAIMANTS AND CREDITORS OF EMPIRE CASUALTY COMPANY NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Empire Casualty Company, organized under the laws of the State of Colorado, with corporate offices in Ada, Oklahoma and Denver, Colorado has been placed in receivership by Order of the District Court in and for the City and County of Pursuant to the authority vested in the Receiver, all policyholders, claimants and creditors of Empire Casualty Company are hereby given the opportunity to file notice and proof of claim with the Receiver Notice and proof of claim must be addressed and postmarked to the CONSIDERED INTHE RECEIVERSHIP UNLESS SUCH BECOMES KNOWN AND REPORTED TO THE RECEIVER ON OR BEFORE Claims allowed by the Receiver will share in the distribution of assets Statutes: inclusive. My own experience, which is rather a limited one, bears frames me out in the assertion that treatment is not only valuable but often effective in arresting the disease.

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