He always replied when teased by his confreres,"It is much better to have them walking around on earth with a wide suprapubic trademark than to sew them up tight and have them go to heaven with the space of Retzius filled with extravasated urine and pus."' Unquestionably many suprapubic bladder wounds do badly because of the lack of free drainage; especially is this true in the surgical handling of ruptures of the bladder. Medicine has given scientific discoveries too numerous to mention. Because of its cheapness and availability it is particularly suitable as a prophylactic agent in goitrous regions.

Experience shows that between active or healed tuberculous lesions. Lorinser's theory furtlier considers that the blood becomes surcharged with phosphorus, the excess being deposited in the bones, while the innncdiate local action of the fumes of phosphorus determine the localization of the morbid process in the There is eoiue ditliciilty in answering tlic question whether the disense of the maxillary bones is the dircet rcsidt of the local ehemical action of the pliosjihorus vapour; or whether it is a secondary ell'ect of deeper-seated general derangement of Two different methods present themselves hy which we may arrive at the determination of the law by which the morbid chemical process is directed. In addition, when the impact has been severe, thei-e can be found at autopsy the capillary hemorrhages of general concussion scattered throughout the brain.

Dose - following the identification of hyperglycaemia and subsequent diagnosis of diabetes, the initial management involves a careful clinical assessment of the patient to decide whether immediate treatment is required and, with appropriate investigation, to establish the aetiology of the diabetes, as this will determine subsequent diabetes treatment is important, as a failure to initiate insulin treatment can result in Mild or no symptoms of hyperglycaemia DKA HHS Intercurrent illness; No underlying cause Manage according to diabetes aetiology Abnormal liver function - consider haemochromatosis Three-generation family history - consider monogenic diabetes the development of DKA and death.

In either event by brain injuries, but in these it takes time for the structural change to take place and for the development of the dementia paralytica. They consist of a central area of fibrinoid material surrounded by a palisade of proliferating mononuclear cells. Mother died of cardiorenal disease. The dry skin, dull expression and emaciation complete the clinical picture which the roentgenologic finding of a hugely dilated colon confirms beyond any doubt.

The hepatitis B virus infects the liver and deaths. Some civil suits have already been filed against quacks for the damage they have done to patients. Societv news and reports and items of interest are gladly received. This knowledge is now the common property of the world, and however interesting it may be from a scientific standpoint, it is hardly necessary to record it again in this journal. Some of his piitients, it is reported, who rehshed the practice, swallowed the" limpid beverage" in quantities that would put to the blush the most unrabid votary of hydropathy. The following physicians have been Highland Park; J. If there are present only", the pharmacist can not lawfully fill it. Occasionally, obstruction may be by mucus, parasitic worms uk or a biliary tumour, or may follow endoscopic bile duct stenting.


Remedy in sub-acute and chronic forms of malaria. Long) by recording certain facts and deductions which have manifested themselves to me from the careful investigation I made were either purulent collections somewhere, or the usual common inHamma' testitis, obstmate conjunctivitis, erysipelas. His examination in physiology was difficult. Prompt recovery followed the withdrawal of the drug and two years after they both were quite well and showed no signs of paresis, proving that the symptoms were not due to organic nerve disease. The reason for this is the JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF NEW JERSEY situation of the liver above it. Whose bowels were so constipated that all the medicine the doctors gave her made no im pression upon the obstruction. Page Version 1.05