In many cases intense neuralgic pains tortured the patient, the commotion of ihe nervous system falling on the organs of sensibility, while those of locomotility were either quiescent, or but partially disturbed.

Thb decrease came within the first half hour in one case, a quarter of an hour in the other. Of the President, the President-Elect, the Immediate Past President, the two preceding Immediate Past Presidents, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Speaker of the House of Delegates and Councilors as provided by the Bylaws. Xo one has such need to exhibit in himself that harmonious, many-sided development which is the true ideal of education. Of the biceps, the gluteus maximus, and the vastus extemus. Not uncommonly parents and physicians think of the hearing only after a long time, and then the most superficial tests im mediately show it to be very much impaired. They noted the presence of a small venous aneurysm, which later was found to have ruptured. Preservation of the public health," includes every thing that fairly comes within the field of medical observation, and the only subdivisions of it that are necessary, are into forensic medicine, including all questions to be solved in aid of the laws; and political medicine, comprehending a consideration of the policy and eflficiency of laws and regulations enacted for the preservation of the public health, and physical well being of the community. There is a general tendency, even among oculists, not to make direct applications upon ulcers of the cornea occurring in the course of this disease; while this holds good for very extensive ulceration or sloughing, circumscribed ulcers can be advantageously treated by touching them from time to time with tincture of iodine, or even the actual cautery, especially if the inflammation of the lids has subsided. MH, except for decreased bone density.

It should never be confounded with memory." Memory. In addition to this small group there was a much larger one, represented by one woman in fifty or a hundred, whose pelvis was sufficiently contracted in some way or other to embarrass parturition or even endanger the life of mother and child. It may drop quite abruptly from the upper axilla to the thoracic base near the apex it has its highest point in the axilla, dropping slightly, at least, toward the sternum, and markedly toward the This line may be readily obtained in all uncomplicated cases of moderate pleuritic effusion. The advantages of student migration include such matters as: relief of the narrowness so common at single schools. We also observe that an irritable state of the brain, accompanied by a hydrocephalic tendency, will produce convulsions; but in very many instances, particularly in children of the ages mentioned above, they proceed from intestinal irritation. The premonitory diarrhcca was often difficult of management, and required the free use of the lancet and the subsequent employment of large doses of the sugar of lead in combination with calomel and opium. To this end, close relations will be established, through the Third Assistant Secretary of War as Director of Civilian Relations, by the Morale Branch, with all officially recognized agencies for the improvement of The writer was made Chief of the new Branch, which, with its psychologists, sociologists, newspaper men, artists and cartoonists, advertising men, linguists, and others, at once set about the systonatic stimulation of military morale. This fact is undoubted in some cases, and it is certainly difficult to understand how a few bacilli can set up such extensive changes.


Like the socialists, many of the advocates of the degen'eracy doctrine would have us adopt for the standard the lowest rather than the highest. It rested upon the convolutions of the island of Reil, completely disorganizing them.

It is concerning this very point that I desire an expression from this body tonight. Here, too, was seen the obstetrical hand, the Jitainfigie, likewise the reflex neuroses, whatever their origin, conditions all cured more or less speedily in quasimiraculous fashion. Prior to the first convulsion, the pulse assumed that peculiarly slow, full, throbbing character, so significant of the second stage of opium poisoning. If the dressing has to be reapplied, the strips of plaster should be so arranged as to come on a new surface where the skin has not been irritated.

In the end it will be discovered that cremation is the purest, safest means of escape from the hydrochlorothiazide evils incident to decomposition of the dead. Page Version 1.05