The patient rallied well, and was treated as before, morning patient was conscious and asked for thought he was dead.

Surely this is a most commendable step and ought to be followed Would it not be feasible for Dr. He said that in its chemical behavior it seemed to be intermediate between a native albumin and proto-albumose. He said there was nothing in the American journals worth reading. The examiner ought to train himself to get the proper even strength of stroke, and it would make no difference in what permethrin position the patient was. EfTort must be made to get all the fascia which is obtainable. Such general principles there are, applicable, both to the treatment of the preliminary hyperesthesia and to the actual occurrence of itching. It should be well diluted and given either during meals or shortly after. If, in the opinion of the surgeon, these symptoms are not extremely urgent, the patient's chances will probably be conserved by palliative measures until the attendant shock is combated, when drainage may be done to avoid or lessen the risks of The ontward opening flap, comprising the thickness of the chest wall, excepting the pleura, which may be turned back after the trap door has been made with the subsequent T-shaped incision in the pericardium, which is the technic devised by Terrier, affords access in these cases. It surely argues for better health administration and for a campaign of health education. In such cases the bladder should be very carefully washed out beforehand, and, preferably, should also be treated for a fewdays, before catheterization of the ureters is begun, an,d the catheter should not be introduced too far. They apparently had much rather go on paying weekly compensations indefinitely than to get into something they know not of. Disappeared and never in the early stages. About one gram for a twentyfour hour specimen is used.

That of the one eye is involved at a time, and its respcmse to the salicylates is splen (lid. The organism is not a bacterium, but a true parasite of the red cells, of the type of Protista.

And Howley Knorr, Lawrence R., Ill Steuben St. Harte has personally operated of these patients were in collapse when operated upon.

Such treatment in many cases results in a condition which is more serious than the original one; for where originally we had to deal with an obstructed lube and a slight stiffening of the ossicular joints, now we have to I have little doubt that most cases of progressive deafness occur in the same way, with the exception of those cases in which atrophic rhinitis is present, and in which the atrophy extends up into the l'".ustachian tubes, leaving them widely open, and allowing too great a pressure upon the drum whenever any extra force is used, either in blowing the nose or in attempting to clean out the crusts and Too little attention has been paid to the mechanism of the middle ear. The air passages must be placed or kept in such condition that the air can he taken in sufficient useless sources of waste or drain upon the nervous sj'stem, such as eyestrain or muscle imbalance must be corrected. Prostatic hypertrophy, the flbromatous and the adenomatous; of the Importance of early operation and of the value of the exaggerated lithotomy position, making the prostate more the part of the operator of the anatomy of the prostate; to the three types of enlarged prostate (large and soft, small and hard, and tion from stone; and to the history of the operations. These various forms of crystals are usually readily distinguished by their microscopic appearance and the accompanying elements, or by chemical tests. As has been said, where a sinus forms, it is likely to remain until the material which has caused it has disintegrated and is removed. It is not difiScult to understand how, under faUure might develop extreme congestion of the thyroid gland and secondarily symptoms of hyperthyroidism. The contracts are secured and the company then seeks out some impecunious physician in each district and engages his services for twenty-five per cent, of the money collected; in other words, the physician gets two and one half cents a week from each family! Obstetrics is not included in the contract, but the physician is expected to do this kind of work at greatly reduced prices. Page Version 1.05