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The aim of this method is to diminish the force and rapidity of the circulation, and, if possible, to increase the fibrinous deposit.

Plants; also 28 to parts of animals, Fu'sion, A'que-ous. Impaction or constipation of the bowels. The whole development of the child is remarkably retarded.

(Euptura lienis.) A healthy spleen only very rarely tears from direct injury, but in rapidly increasing acute swelling this may occur without any traumatic effect, and internal fatal hemorrhages. A very little experience will prevent anyone from easily confounding the different appearances in the lungs here described. The paper was of general as well as of great local interest. When the basilar artery is blocked up, the symptoms appear very suddenly. Expressed from the seed of Croton Tiglium. It separation of compound bodies into their "levlen" constituent parts or principles; analysis. Men have a nervous system, and it would be wonderfully strange if we did not sometimes find manifestations of disease that would closely correspond with one or more of the multiform phases of what we have just Now it is not the object of this paper to attempt to enter into all the causes that have produced and may continue to produce hysteria in the female.

The manner in which movements are represented in the pons and medulla is about as follows. It is a colorless, nearly inodorous gas, having a sweet taste, and freely soluble in cold water. The blood from the lungs generally has characters which render it readily distinguishable from the blood which is vomited. Three grains; rain or distilled water, one ounce; mix and strain. The tumor can not be distinguished cluiically from the carcinoma of the pylorus, and not -infrequently the autopsy itself will not enable us to determine at once whether there is a carcinoma or a simple ulcerative scai- or hypertrophy.

It is the smaller of these calculi which, in their passage, produce the attacks of renal colic. Belfield advised its use once a day. This is by no means an unfavorable method, as many cases recover.

Mitral insufficiency is also quite a favorable form of heart disease, which may be compensated for a long time.


According to the account given in the Union Medicale, M. If medicine is a branch of science, it must be studied in the same way as other sciences, by observation and experiment. Larger abscesses may point into neigbboriiig organs. Mitchell enables suspension, especially in children, to be combined with some exercise; that no case of Pott's disease should be considered desperate without its trial; that suspension has succeeded after failures of other accepted methods; that the pull probably acts more or less directly on the cord itself, and that the gain is not explicable merely by obvious effects on the angular bone curve; that the methods of extension to be used in carious cases may be very varied, provided only we get active extension; that the plan and the length of time of extension must be made to conform to the needs, endurance, and sensation of the individual case. Irritant poisons, or those which produce irritation or inflammation, as the mineral acids, oxalic acid, the caustic alkalies, antimony, arsenic, baryta, the salts of copper, some of the compounds of lead, nitrate of silver, the salts of zinc, iodine, cantharides, phosphorus, etc. Page Version 1.05