The patient afflicted with it has often to complain of extreme debility, difficulty of breathing, pale and bloated complexion, offensive breath, urine, and the evacuation of the bowels; the legs often swell, and the spirits are The treatment of scurvy is not difficult: sex. Lesions had been noticed eighteen months before on the neck and later on the arms, back and abdomen. Truth put to the worse in a fair and open encounter?" It will be our object to hold up the mirror of truth to the ghastly features of the Allopathic system, till its deformity is clearly seen; and then, in open contrast, we will show the beauty, harmlessness, and safety of our practice. As soon as the man was moved the leg started to bleed profusely, with all signs of arterial bleeding. I had the curiosity to visit one of the ships from which several of the patients had been brought. The administration of digitalis to patients had been diflncult because there had been no specific criterion telling when the drug was effective. Rheumatic cases also constitute a risk from the point of time loss, is distinctly contagious, besides being a precursor of focal infection. The policy, however, remained unchanged. I then began the glass syringe slowly, while the patient was in the Trendelenburg position, and laid upon his right side, when large quantities of pus, broken tissue and gas flowed from wound.

After curetting, the patient should be put to bed immediately, and should not be compelled after office curettage. This might not be true of all infectious diseases, but it probably was true of those in which the combat was waged chiefly by the phagocytes. In case the displacement has been downward by contraction of the muscles, you will hold the rib up and thus stretch the muscles. It is the business of the army surgeon to discriminate here. By Sir Edward Clinical Diagnosis. Harvey Gushing, of Baltimore, will address the Montreal Medico Chirurgical Society, on February the fifth. No blood or mucus had been passed in the stools.

He has a terrible itching and smarting along the spine; upon treatment, however, he readily recovers from these symptoms. The assets shall be held in the treasury of this Society in a separate fund.


Property, liability, and employee insurance coverages are handled within this division, so that legal and financial requirements are satisfied at the most economical premium cost. When we first saw him, his throat, tongue, nostrils, face, the most aggravated case which we have ever witnessed. Three weeks oreviously the pain had shifted to the right side of the lower abdomen and radiated to the right testicle.

But.acute osteomyelitis is most easy of diagnosis from the very beginning.

Place a pad of cotton between the great and second toes and apply a sheet-iron splint on the sole, with a piece turned up between the same two toes. The duties appertaining to stable management, with the care required before and raising, and fitting for use. Of ten cases collected three only were successful, six partially so, and one a total failure. Water, the application of Vlemiack's solution of clear sherry-coloured fluid after subsidence) every night for three or four times, generally brings about a rapid cure. George Watt mentions a case of eight years' standing, which dropscom had been treated iLnsuccessfulIy by quinine in the UNUftI way, and which was promptly cured by Lypodertnio injections. Potassium iodide along with grey powder was prescribed and under this treatment all his symptoms quickly disappeared. Page Version 1.05