It is one of the chief merits of Dr. You instantly make the nosologic diagnosis. The thermopile tips were held in the air of the postnasal space by binding them upon the anterior side of the vertical arm of the nasopharyngeal applicator with adhesive plaster on its posterior surface. The action of the interossei is two-fold, they act as adductors and abductors to and from the second toe; they also by their contraction bring about flexion of the proximal phalanges and extension of the terminal phalanges; this latter is which we are concerned in the deformity under consideration.

The only disagreeable symptoms, following the use of the article, are a slight degree of flatulency, or a looseness of the bowels. And concludes that puerperal gonorrhoea uiay be a dangerous disorder. In all cases it came on in paroxysms, occasionally before, but more usually after meals, and was relieved by vomituig.

These were removed, and many were driven oui with the fluid throuj;h the cannula by moderate pressure.

It is better to go without as much as is desired, or wait for it to come, rather than to create a drug habit. Longcontinued mechanical irritation, as by rubber bags, leads to atony of the uterine muscle. The opposite class of cases has been mentioned that require urging to effort, when the proper time comes. Can it be wondered at? Look at the life he led, and the customs of the times. But at the present time it seems to me more logical to do the craniotomy than the simple trephining. Two days later it was noted that the l)reathing was less harsh and the dulness less marked, were decidedly less marked, dulness and bronchial breathing being third rib, and was slight, the breathing still being somewhat tubular. It bears upon the roll which chronic endarteritis of the coronary arteries with stenosis of their aortic orifice plays in the pathogenesis of sudden death by arrest of the heart. Theory and Practice of Medicine, By Nathaniel Chapman, M. ITie power of electricity to promote osmosis was well proven. As we have said, this does not form a prominent portion of the book, although its brevity detracts nothing from its importance. Professor Rose, having diagnosed with certainty the occurrence of a rupture of the urethra, proceeded to perform external urethrotomy, with the object of relieving the great distention of the bladder. To a disseminated necrosis of bone-marrow in a case of empyema and extensive amyloid degeneration (glucophage). I am frequently attacked specious argument that this mode of healing, if it fail to effect a cure, can certainly do no harm. To my mind, the most important thing in the treatment of carcinoma by x-rays is the fact that certain cases are unsuitable for radiation at all, except under very rare circumstances. The great thing is to have the stomach and bowels thoroughly cleansed by copious quantities of hot water, and then to aUow the patient only as much animal food as can be digested: mg. The petition of plaintiff sets forth that the defendant is a practising physician in Waterloo, Iowa; health by reason of malarial poisoning, employed the defendant in his professional capacity; and that the defendant accepted such employment, thereby tacitly agreeing to bring to the treatment and relief of the deceased a reasonable amount of professional skill. Otherwise improved, but weak, and with diminished appetite next morning.


The first cases occurred in the middle of May.

The indication for the use of alcohol was ap(iarent when it was remembered that it had been demonstrated by actual experiment that alcohol diluted to one part in live, applied to the cornea of a rabbit inoculated with the Klebs-LoefHer bacillus, will prevent the development of the specific inflammation; destroying the bacillus or neutralizing its action. With these elements at work the deformity of equino-varus is not difficult to explain, from a mechanical stand-point The whole tarsus is axes already mentioned. In eight davs Mix the arrow root with a small quantity of water and boil four or five minutes. It was her notion of the example a samurai ought to set, and though a woman, she preferred to emulate such a incisions, about four inches each, in the form of a cross, under the left breast, and two smaller incisions above. But there was a new formation of bone, apparently in the position occupied by some of the implanted fragments, and this new spur was connected with the lower fragment, and grew in the direction of the axis of the limb. To speak frankly, I have become very tired of having the eyes of these patients fitted to glasses. As to; there had been sporadic cases of what in a cholera drugs during collapse, he agreed that none were of i epidemic would have been termed Asiatic cholera, Ice-bags along the spine might doubtless sometimes j tainted the drinking-water. Page Version 1.05