Charles AYarren, the Chief Commissioner of Police, has issued a new and wise order, to the efl'ect that all dogs, not being muzzled or led, will be considered not under proper control, although such dog may be close to and following the owner; and the latter will be summoned"for allowing a dog to bo at large and not under proper control, contrary to the order of the Commissioner of Police of the regulations, however, will not be effectual iu repressing the extension of rabies, imless simultaneously enforced through the kingdom, for the metropolitan area is constantly liable to reinfection from external The New Sydenham Society, which, some years ago, published Koch's researches on the infective process, is this week issuing to its members a large volume on similar topics.

Briddon, who has had unusual results in cases of colotomy, says he regards the latter as the preferable operation in About two weeks ago Dr. In about three months alter the operation, the lady wrote him that the result had been most satisfactory to her in relieving a variety of distressing symptoms. As the beat of the bath ffimu lates the extreme veffels, and, with the concurrence of moifture, alfo relaxes them, it feems to be a fafe ftimulus, and well fuited to take off the fpafm affecting them, It may be applied to the whole body hy immerlion; but this is, in many refpects, inconvenient; and whether fome of the inconveniences of immerhon might not be avoided by a vapour bath, I have not learned from experience. Portions of fresh lime arc put into a bucket of hot water, which causes ebullition, and the child is made to inhale the steam, byplacing it upon the nurse's knee and wrapping a blanket over both. This pressure does not give rise to pain, but on the contrary, generally affords much relief to the suffering patient. The redness and swelling began to disappear gradually, and when ho awoke the arm appeared perfectly exsanguinated; nor did inflammation ever re-appear in the least. Was a slight difference in weight between the two batches in favour of the control animals, and during ths development in the inimals which were (SOS) Tetanus treaied by AntltoxiD. The first is that of latent tuberculosis of the three tonsils, during which the bacillus, having become established in the lymphoid tissue of the pharyngeal or of the two other tonsils, causes a multiplication of phagocytes and a greater or less enlargement of the organs. The correspondence in our columns on this subject, and the subsenuent movement in support of it, have borne good fruit. Some time after, she travelled all the way to Paasau, to consult Dr.

Wounded and dying in the action at Mouzon, France, November Syrop, Edward Franklin, M.D.


Nearly two years have now elapsed since the operation, and, apart from cicatricial deformity, not a trace of the disease is discoverable. The scrotum later became very oedematous, the swelling increased more at the upper pole and the scrotum assumed a rose red appearance. As was shown by Schmidt, of Dorpat, in the former case the product consists in large, elastic, firm, and not very soluble clots, and it is in this form that they are found when patients vomit milk during the course of digestion; in the second case the casein is precipitated in the form of small flakes, soft to the touch, glairy, easily dissolved in alkaline carbonates, a portion of which precipitated casein is, in kephir, already partially redissolved.

In a paper read at the recent meeting of the urethral meatus for five minutes. When the verdict was fully declared in the Court, a glipizide similar outburst took place there, and all efforts to quell it were, for a time, ineffectual. The shores are low and muddy, the trees look stunted, and vegetation seems as dead almost as in the north in winter. The continuity of each nerve-fibre, whether tubular, cerebro-spinal, or gelatinousganglion ic, may, with microscopic aid, be traced from origin to termination, even in its passage into and through another nerve, ganglion, or plexus, its characteristic individuality remains distinct; transference of innervation from one fibre to another is, therefore, a physiological impossibility. Is a beautiful vision Jennifer Ledesma Liao, M.D. As it is, it is much below the average medical articles of the work. Quinine is useful in solutions as an antiseptic for wounds, used as a spray or gargle in relaxed or diphtheric throats.

A Xce pin's heid; they were in distinct ckcles, and, with a lens slio,ved The next case alforded a very good demoustration that the disease dSiiate and amende woman; the catamenia had stopped for some tune aud she had no uterine doubles.

Here, and elsewhere, such a society has a wide sphere of usefulness, and should be organized In its announcement the Society asserts, with force and justice, that hitherto no friendly and powerful hand has been habitually extended to rescue these little ones from lives of misery and danger, to place them under the shield of the law, and where natural protection has failed, or has been transformed into brutality, to bring them, by an order of the Court, under the merciful care of some orphan home or other sanctuary provided for the desolate and oppressed.

Eespiration gradually becomes more disturbed and oppressive, partaking more of labor than of pain; pulse full and quick, but so feeble perhaps as to be hardly perceptible; respiratory murmur lost; legs and ears deathly cold; cold sweats; gradually sinks, and dies in convulsions and delirium. Assistant Physician, New York State Inebriate Cases that Give Prominent Premonitory Symptoms of Inebriety. I now straightened her out in bed, spoke loudly to her several times, times to have her swallow, but all to no purpose. A Freouent Sufferer complains, as many other correspondents have done before, of the intolerable inconienience which results from the frequent closing of this library at a very short notice. Those who localise the"muscular sense m the posterior lobes of the brain, must look upon aphemia and agraphia as the results of the destruction of acquired co-ordmative nervous mechanisms that are thrown into action (reflexly) by impulses originating in the sensorial sphere, which alone is represented in consciousness. The hinge was removed and a straight piece of board was screwed to the bottom of either piece, so as to prevent any motion at the; joint. The majority of cases Were second-hand, and did duty over and over again. Page Version 1.05