The same treatment for erysipelas is held in high esteem by some of the older English sale surgeons, and solutions of the salt for the same purpose.

In this village, refinement, moral and intellectual culture will go hand in hand with physical training and development Boys and girb are not by nature criminals or vagabonds, but by association, surroundings and circumstances may and do become members of the days criminal classes and social outcasts. Such prophylaxis, of course, could only be needed Ity those Avho are frequently in contact with dogs; or by persons working for any length of time with rabic virus, to whom some such protective inoculation Avould be of enormous value.

The necessary forms can be had on application to the Retreat, the addresses of which can be OPIUM POISONING, AND OTHER INTOXICATIONS It is often said that the craving for stimulant and narcotic drugs is a vice of civilisation; the labour of righteousness and wisdom is again a child; in which he regrets the momentary joys, the carelessness of things to come: once again he would" play around the den of sorrow." The" instinct of self-preservation" is something more than a clinging to bare life; it contains a desire for the fulness of it, for uncalculated scheming which does not bring happiness after all: a man will lay down his life without a murmur, but if it is to be lived he would live it well. While, as a rule, both sides are involved, we find the left side, although containing pus in the tube, comparatively free from adhesions. I- reire, of Rio de Janeiro, tpidermidit albus as the cause of thesi di bal it does nol produce pigment, corresponds with the well-known Staphyloci Dr.

Among the most common symptoms are chills recurring at irregular intervals followed by fever and sweats. THE vogue of visiting is no fad. Bacchus worship, bad as it was in Greece, was surpassed in Rome, Livy even comparing the introduction of the Bacchic cult into Rome to a visitation of the plague. Their mistakes were many, and they were a necessary part of the evolution of medicine. For the most part they are found in couples, hence called diplo -cocci, Leyden introduced a hypodermic needle into the hepatized lung and withdrew a small quantity of blood and exudation, and was able to demonstrate these parasites in a tolerably large number. In ninety-nine cases out of a hundred he will succeed in awakening the The duration of a sitting should not be extended over fifteen to twenty minutes, and before awaking it is a sood practice to suggest to him that he wm not have any headache or disagreeable sequela to his Hypnotism, like so many other remedies, will, on becoming more popular, be grossly misused, and its performance only; but in the hands of an experienced phjTsidan and for therapeutic purposes, it IS my belief that hypnotic suggestion is absolutely without danger. That melasna is a collection of symptoms without unity in It ha- seemed to me singular that SO little invi lion ha- bei n i I hi condil ion of tie cranial contents in infants dead with mela-na. The further fact that it is associated with cystin and tryptophane, other pro-poisons of protein that are missing in gelatin, gives the thinking mind reason for believing that we have here a"vein" of a new truth that is worth following.

Clarke, Toronto Asylum, thought it should be more frequently used by general practitioners in cases of melancholia and puerperal mania before sending the patient to hospital or asylum; large doses of Tr.


Relapses are of frequent occurrence, as the cicatricial tissue product is of low form and easily ulcerates from slight causes (ten).

Jackson, who by his incontrovertible facts and sledge-hammer logic was the first to sound the alarm and plant the danger-signal, the great bulk of our brethren refused to be swayed by plausible arguments, or to accept conclusions which seemed to them wholly unwarranted and to say of hopes then indulged, were, nevertheless, not averse to testing, in suitable cases the heroic measures so forcibly advocated. Sensitive spots are generally present The veins become enlarged and the feet swv.it profusi ly.

There was at this time no involvement of the lung or other evidence of sarcoma except at this point. I used the band on a child whose cord was The I'd was clamped with a hsemostat about six inches from the child; it u a- cat of i he usual length, being grasped by the fingers to prevent haemorrhage, and a band was applied with Dr. The symptoms usually subside in the autumn, to reappear, however, in the following spring. Resistant forms of the amoeba, the so-called" encysted amoebae," have been noted, after calomel had been given, by Cunningham, by Grassi and Calandruccio, and by Quincke; but by no later observers. This procedare, be says, if used prudently in the beginning, may be of BOme use in practice; it may cut short a long and tiresome treatment, and also rapidly cheoi e relapse in the same nuth preparations hitherto in nse, the subnitrate, the salicylate, the tannate, etc., have been of a basic nature and in the form of an insoluble powder. In two of these the anaesthesia was incomplete, while in fifteen others the sleep was very satisfactory, and might have been readily for prolonged indefinitely without inconvenience. She was neither deaf nor dumb. During the region of the umbilicus, radiating upward and also into the right iliac region. But following this, pains in both limbs were experienced. The Wallack peasantry of Eoumania, who are snljject to pellagi'a, gather the corn before it is ripe, and shoot it into pits, where it becomes musty.

Neither are there any better grounds for attributing beriberi to scorbutus. On page si it is stated that the posterior ciliary arteries supply the conjunctiva of the lid-.

Thayer, one of the sanitary inspectors, was cases were received here, of whom fifty-eight died.

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