The common duct is now incised for one or four iucbes. Hygienic requirements in the interest of the individual must take into account also the sanitation of the house in which he lives.

Abdomen becomes abnormally large, especially underneath; the flanks sink in. This treatment acted, according to these authors, by facilitating the elimination of the toxines, increasing the red globules, and causing the reappearance of menstruation. It has been suggested that doses be each time by a certain amount according to a set rule.

The earliest and most carefully studied changes in Paget's disease are those met with in the surface epi thelium. The only solution I can see at present is forcible isolation. The patient may be emotional or hysteric. Committee on State Legislation, gave an oral report on the current status of legislation which is sponsored by FMA, that which is supported by FMA and that which is opposed by FMA, through Dr. It resembles a spinal nerve in that it has two roots, a motor and sensory, and on the latter a ganglion (Gasseriayi). The treatment should be symptomatic, and the patient, so far as possible, made comfortable. Pastries and fried foods, especially the excessively fatty and oily ones, have a tendency to derange the stomach and intestines. Imferon (iron dextran injection) must be administered by deep intramuscular injection only. The limbs is usually absent, but of cranial nerves is common. (i, e, and J indicate the four renal arteries; g, left suprarenal capsule and artery. Korinek's Stock Tonic review and see him gain in CAUSE. All of my patients were discharged, and my associate had only a few on hand that were needing attention, and these were rapidly convalescing; in other words we were out geriforte of the woods and on praying ground so far as the influenza On my return from the hospital I found the Navy doctor here, but resting. While some have reported favorably on its use, the majority have condemned it.


It is not given in very laige doses, but persistcDtly, four, five, six, or as high as fifteen i as Dot to produce polsouous effects. Small, active dogs, particularly of the terrier breeds, will often keep houses practically free from rats, and upon farms they are especially valuable, particularly if the construction of buildings is such as to permit them to get beneath the floors.

Experience in this case showed that the rule"to introduce is a good one. These findings add another dimension to our physicians and hospitalization.

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