The needle is now pushed in further in the same direction, its point hugging the lower surface of the greater wing, until it reaches the foramen ovale exactly five centimetres from the superior zygomaticomalar angle.

The uterus was held in place after the operation by means of the soft rubber and silver wire pessary, invented by me and described in the June number of the late Detroit Medical Journal. Study will show, however, that this unchanged affinity between inter-body and receptor is without regard to the fact whether these inter-bodies are loaded with complement or not. The force, therefore, must be such as to attain the desired end, a,nd this will necessarily vary with the state of the tissues and the condition of the patient.

To the urine, previously treated with ammonia or caustic potash, add tannin and acetic acid this is filtered and dried, the hemin crystals may be obtained from the dry residue by adding chlorid of solutions of ammonium sulfocyanid and sodic-ferric tartrate. Acetic ether used in migraine.


On examination I found a tumor, hard to the touch and which could be covered by a coffee cup. It is possible articles to divide foods into two low protein or anti-toxic foods.

The double set of limbs were perfect in every respect, as also were the spinal columns, backs and shoulders. An increased secretion, if not demanded for the removal of excessive waste, should always be arrested. The technique of gastric analysis has progressed rather more rapidly than has the understanding of the physiological functions on which the practice is based, and in consequence of many of the problems relating to secretion and absorption remaining unsolved, we were in danger of our clinical tests getting too far in advance of The discovery of secretion-producing hormones or secretagogues has paved the way to a clearer understanding of long-known facts. When this improvement is noticed, the number of douchings should be decreased, otherwise the granulations will become pale and flabby. These statistics were procured by Dr. We stand, therefore, before a question which we are quite unable to answer; namely, what is the difference between natural resistance and acquired specific immunity? The former is an innate property of the individual or species, one which cannot be transmitted, except by heredity, from parent to offspring; the latter is readily transferred from one individual to another by serum injections. This may occur as early as the third daj' or as late as the eighth day. At the extremes of life the rate of diphtheria death in females does not exceed that in males.

It must possess a sufficient amount of certain inorganic elements, and without these there must be feebleness and at length disease. In cases complicated grains of chloral sometimes give excellent results. Suture is the method of choice in this type of case. All friends of true progress in medicine could desire something more rigid, but the asking must be judicious THE PUBLIO HEALTH ASSOCIATION AND The American Public Health Association has held its annual meeting at Richmond, Va., and adjourned. Occasionally there may be general peritonitis instead of the localised form of the disease: then the symptoms are much more intense; there is acute pain and general tenderness, and the abdomen soon becomes greatly distended from gaseous expansion of the intestines. Asthmatic symptoms and spasmodic, croupy coughs occur from sUght local disturbances, which do not usually affect the majority of mankind.

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