Such an examination would afford a standard test of the teaching afforded by the secondary schools throughout the State, a standard to which they should raise themselves, and certainly, as I have already noted, it should include some test of the candidate's intelligence as distinct from his memorizing ability.

MEETING OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. Enthusiastic electricians often introduce the electrode into the stomach itself, but one should be very sure of the loyalty of his patient before trying this experiment. Patient was thoroughly tested and it was found that the muscular sense, the ability to detect heat and cold and tactile sensibility were not lost. We now receive the natural water in glass, and, in addition, the Sprudel salt in powder form. As the field of study broadens before the student of medicine, and his mind undergoes those evolutionary changes incident to the grasping of new phases of the healing art, the narrow mindedness which, in the beginning prompted him to envy the surgeon the supposed eclat of his surroundings progressively diminishes, until finally, between the admiration excited for the acumen of the skilled mMical diagnostician, and the zeal and solicitude essential to the conscientious discharge of the duties of the obstetrician, he wavers, and finally, if he is faithful in his work and earnest in his desire to equip himself for his lifework, he will endeavor to store his mind with every available item of knowledge to be gleaned from lectures, demonstrations, clinics, reading, and dissecting-room and laboratory work. At first it was necessary to have the vegetables very carefully prepared and administered in small amounts to avoid the formation of gas. A midwife would better wear lightcolored wash-dresses. Of the Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, which was put up fifty years ago, is soon York Hospital Museum have been given by the Governors of the hospital to the medical., ical College, the New York and Bellevue Hospital Medical College, the Cornell University Medical College, and the College of Physicians and Surgeons. He felt extremely weak, became dizzy after meals, and was overcome by a feeling of sleepiness. A bacteriologic bureau as a department of the city health department, is another one of Dr. Stoesser, Eileen Hanson Cholecystic Disease, Problems in the Diagnosis and Collapse, Surgical, in the Treatment of Pulmonary And Treatment of Cholecystic Disease, Albert V. Purdon makes this fact the text of some remarks upon the value of some of the vegetable remedies that he found at the herbalist's stall, and that are still popular among the Saint- John's-wort is a herb that is recognized by its yellow flower, and is commonly called the" Rose of Sharon." This was formerly used internally in the form of a decoction for colic and gastric disorders, and also for ague. If this is impossible on account of the depth of the wound or friability of the tissues, gauze tampons for two to four days with thermo-cauterization. The tongue is particularly involved in diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract, in febrile conditions, and in the acute and chronic intoxications. Disulfiram - eclectic Medical Society, City and County of New York. Such advice and consultations are freely given, but all treatments and actual care of the student is placed in the hands of the parents or guardian and family doctor. The bleeding was very profuse, causing great shock to the patient, and giving us much concern, for fear that we would not be able to keep her alive long enough to reach her bed. Wyeth of New York who read a paper on Amputation at the Hip-Joint for Sarcoma; Its Tendency to Recurrence.


Under the influence of intermittent, mild, specific treatment, the headache may be temporarily cured, to recur time after time, till symptoms such as hemiplegia or epilepsy show that irreparable damage has been done. From female ward were inoculated three pigs with one-half square yard of dust. A very unfortunate combination of words is that known as hystero-epilepsy.

"The conditions of admissibility to to marriage formulated by Fournier are much broader, more scientific, more safe. The sole objection, and not a very important one, to this immediate operation is the absence as yet of canalization of the cervix.

The situation in which the body lies, should be accurately observed (get).

In order that I may be clearly understood I will here state: That unless we attribute to the words of a speaker or writer the same ideas which be intends to convey by them, we can never arrive at his conclusion. Page Version 1.05