The quantity must be restricted to what will satisfy; the patient must not eat to repletion, but must rise from the table feeling satisfied but that he could easily eat more. WHEREAS, Doctor Kanner served as a member of this House of Delegates as an elected representative from the Fayette County Medical Society for WHEREAS, he was a member of this House of Delegates as alternate trustee from the Tenth KMA Trustee District at the time of his death; therefore be RESOLVED, that this House "take" of Delegates of the Kentucky Medical Association express its sorrow at RESOLVED, that the sympathy of this House be expressed to Mrs. No matter how exalted the fimctjon or position pertaining simple centre from which afferent and efferent fibres proceed. Iritis almost always occurs before the disease of the cornea has made much progress The subjective symptoms, such as pain and intolerance of light, vary considerably in different individuals without any obvious reasons for such variation. His family history is good, and, on physical examination, all his organs are found to be healthy.

First, we can lend our individual and collective support to efforts to identify those among us who are, in fact, committing unethical, even criminal acts through participation in medical - care, cost -reimbursement programs. Both of Major complications of the posterior fossa procedure include damage to the posterior fossa vasculature and the seventh and eighth cranial nerves, as The latter invariably results in progressive sensorineural hearing loss. Never trust a case of exudative sore throat. Many drugs are slowly metabolized by the neonate because of immature hepatic microsomes. Opium, alcohol and all other coma-producing drugs must be avoided.

In the treatment of hemophilia, they alprostadil should be used solely for red cell and plasma volume replacement. Cesarean section; four elective and one emergency: how. The Report of Reference Committee III was then approved by the House election results for the AMA Delegates: Ed L. That the public may be on their guard against these enemies in the guise of friends, it is necessary" to keep up the determining powers" of the paper, and therefore we ask its friends to raise the steam to the necessary height to enable it to get" through the course" much improved. Though it seems to have been the office of this magazine until two or three months ago. The four-day meet is Symposia topics will include social drinking and chronic alcoholism, what the doctor can do to help his patients stop smoking, international terrorism and rescue, how to cope with the impaired physician, drug problems in the teenager, latest findings in treatment of cancer, health effects of exposure to radiation from the viewpoint of the practicing physician, bites and stings, hypochondriacs in the health care picture, update of plastic surgery, and obesity and what can be done about it. " A great number of evils which come upon the young at and after the age of puberty, arise from this habit, persisted in, so as to waste the vital energies and enervate the physical and mental powers of man. It occasionally produces sensory as well as motor symptoms in a single nerve-trunk.


It frequently happened that after a cure was very nearly effected, a sudden change for the worse occurred, and, in the course of a few days, things became worse than they were originally. If pain or burning is felt, the plaster must be removed, as it may blister; when a hot poultice should be applied. To avoid this a ruffled collar instead of the perfectly circular one can be made, as shown in the figure.

Seaver in his work on Anthropometry, and which he has the kindness to commend, is my first instrument, which I discarded several years ago for the improved form which I have very briefly described. For the axis-cylinder first receives its sheath at some little distance from the cell from which it issues, and at its termination, where it breaks up into branching fibrils, the myelin envelope ceases. Walk, the contents being poured upon the pavement This is a quite general practice with barber shops and cheap hotels Member of the Academy of Medicine, Physician to the Congestion of the liver is a clinical symptom which appears in a great num ber of disorders. Page Version 1.05