He showed, by drawings, how different portions of the uiethra presented different pictures, and each very characteristic Prof. This giving no relief, an operation was performed by Dr. Mann, either by mail or personally, at Fort Washington. The most delicate test for starch is iodine, which forms with it a blue The size of the granules of fecula, as shown by the microscope, varies very much, according to the source from which it is derived. All officers on the relief works got to thoroughly believe iu the efficacy zyban of the drug, and much attention was given to its use. If the recession depends on cold, the warm or vapour bath should be had recourse to. The operation will facilitate the cure in most cases, provided the subsequent treatment be effectually maintained; and this depends as much upon the fidelity of the parent or nurse in the constant application of the apparatus as upon the skill of the surgeon. To none of the special departments of the healing art more than to that which the periodical in question takes as its province are the follovring words much of Mr. The hemorrhage was inconsiderable, and only one small vessel required a ligature.

When the size and number of its pages, and its frequency of issue are taken into account, It gives more matter for the money than any other medical journal in this country.


This stage may be summed up in two words, materialism, and immaterialism or spiritualism. .Simon based upon our analysis; and on the Medical Council's returns of" incapables" with degrees who were rejected at the examinations for the Army Medical Senice. (a) Crepitant rale or crepitation. Of Cells; The Stem, Subterranean Stems, Leaves Flowers, Fruits and Seeds. In these experiments, it is obvious that the carbonic acid outside the bladder will pass into it more rapidly than the air within will escape without; but the actual rate of gaseous diffusibility of oxygen and nitrogen, the components of air, is considerably gi'eater than that of carbonic acid, being as follows. In over twenty years of active practice I have seen only the two cases here recorded, cst and Dr. By barely giving to a piece of glrJs a prifmatic figure, that body will beautifully reprefent all the colours of the rain-bcw in an inftaDt.

Of the remai ling four, three died from pyaemia, and one from gangrene of the stumps. But what may not mankind overlook, when the fun itfelf, the moft confpicuous body in the univerfe, and deftroy'd upon his furface; whereof even the aflronomers took no notice till of the fun, a little towards the foutk of its equator, which was entered about in the morning, tho' we faw it the day before at about the fame diftance from the eaft limb, a little fouth alfo of its equator. From his experience, he might lay down a few principles.

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