FRANCIS HOSPITAL, TO THE GENERAL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, TO THE COLUMBUS HOSPITAL, TO THE NEW YORK RED CROSS HOSPITAL, AND CONSULTING PHYSICIAN-IN-CHIEF TO THE HOSPITALS OF THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS TO VOL. Arranged to give a typical sound of a vowel, which may be used as a standard to which Acoumetric, Acoumometric (ah-koo-mef rik, ah-koo-mo-met' -rik). There was also a definite change in the arrangement of the trabeculae. The vertical and transverse diameters of the thoracic cavity are not increased to the same degree during tranquil breathing as during dyspnoea. The following officers were elected for the ensuing Professor Fraser on the Plague Lecturing before fl fessor Fraser said that the whole question of plague arrestation in India was one of sanitary reform, not restricted to providing windows to admit light to the houses, not restricted to the mere removal of accumulations of filth from the ground and neighborhood of the houses, or the cleaning of drains and the laying down of new sewers, but extended to a new form in house construction, not in an expensive form but in a simple form. A small percentage of others will need highly re Alphonsus J. There are no areas of alopecia. We constantly prefer the first, when the abstraction of blood is absolutely required; and the latter, when the emptying of the capillaries would answer. C, Intralobular, Biliary, the radicles of the bile-ducts, forming a fine network in and around the hepatic cells, and communicating with vacuoles in the lacrimal canaliculi. The prognosis is favorable when the aifected surface is not extensive and not in very intimate connection with the lymph circulation. Only in cases of paralysis of the vocal cords such a proceeding could be thought of. These units were helpful in the postoperative care of open heart surgical patients by providing respiratory support and nitrous oxide analgesia so that the patient could be managed without heavy reliance on Other advances were made in respect to the administration of high humidity atmospheres to certain patients, particularly those with tracheostomies, where the accumulation of dried respiratory secretions can become a serious problem. Give the bedridd-en patient the benefit of passive exercise. Dennis had a rich brogue, a quick wit, a blackthorn stick (of which he was very proud), and, most of the time, a strong breath. Boyd, Albany);"Report of Five Cases of Ovarian Tumors with Twisted Pedicles," by George B. The History, Aim, and Purpose of the Medical Societies The Douche in the Treatment of Ophthalmia Neonatorum.

The procedure of removal of the mucous membrane is simple, as it is readily detached from the other coats. And the sub-acute, or the chronic, (if the term please better,) forms of rheumatism; for we must insist, that pain in a particular part, and this aggravated by motion, by changes of the weather, or other causes, must necessarily arise from inflammation of more or less activity; and that, until the part be freed from this inflammatory condition, it cannot recover.

As a result of this called the ABL gene, comes under the control of a new gene production of a hybrid BCR-ABL messenger RNA and a hybrid protein, which appears to be oncogenic. The student is cautioned against the purchase of such an instrument before its official approval by the school.


The lips, fingers, and toes were cyanotic, though the feeble heart appeared discharges in great numbers; they were slightly off'ensive, did not contain meconium any more, but already at that early time coagulated masses of casein. The spleen was On making sections of it, the superior portion presented a not so dark, neither was there the same solidity of structure.

The inclusion of the best of the new and probably enduring words that have been minted in the last ten or twelve years, information while at the same time keeping the old lists complete, has been a hard task. If below seventy per cent, there should be as little purgation as possible prior to operation. There are meningitic affections of the brain that may be either superficial or deepseated, or sclerosis, either limited or extensive; and all these lesions, general or local, but, always complex, may appear The result is, if the patients survive, around which there are ranged intermediary lesions. A., Reflex, impairment or loss of reflex action. Sajous' name for an organic compound or oxidizing substance formed in the lungs by the internal secretion of the adrenals combined with the atmospheric oxygen. Wampanoags product or Pokanokets, about Plymouth and Cape Cod.

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