This often occurs with extreme rapidity.

The cavity from which the pus oozes should be carefully probed and surgical removal resorted to if needed. Each chair is taken to the tub and thoroughly scrubbed with the solution. The granules are composed of a solid inflammatory exudation, which completely fills up both alveoli and infundibula. The popularity of marine lint (picked st oakum) was, however, fully deserved. The fingers were habitually semiflexed, and could not be extended; but the wnst did not drop, and, when the hand was laid upon a tabic, no increase of extending power was acquired bv the finger muscles.


Forster, with more confidence in the method, persevered time after time, until the refractory vessels were secured, and the flaps might be safely sewn up. The sediment contained many casts, chiefly granular and hyaline, though partly epithelial casts were not Autopsy (Dr. Midland nizagara boroughs, and Surgeon to the Hospital there.

Addison; but neither this observation, nor the more precise and xmequivocal one of Dr: 50. It was then carried as a substantive motion by a majority of four. This point will be discussed in the chapter on Diabetes.

Of gangrene rather than tuberculosis, while the clinical course and physical irritation of the delicate kidney structures of the child, resulting from the attempt at elimination from the blood of the poisonous and irritating products which are the causes of lithaemic attacks. He improved greatly under iodide of potassium and mercury, with which, however, it is right to add, cod-liver oil was given, and when last seen had and muscular seafaring man about forty, who had symptoms and physical signs resembling phthisis, but was well nourished and had a good appetite. Lie has informed me since that he passed some blood with the first act of micturition, but that the amount was slight when compared with what he had passed after the former to attempts of others to dilate the stricture. I allude to the phenomenon ofpriminef; a phrase used to express the passing over of water with the steam from the boilers into the cylinders, an effect very common, and arising partly from the rapid disengagement of the steam from so small a volume of water in so confined a vessel, and partly from the small capacity of the steam chamber. He therefore supposed that the starting-point of the affection was some morbid change in the blood-vessels of that part of the stomach, whether obliteration of an artery, or obstruction of a vein. Which in turn will act upon the starch, producing a blue color (iodide of starch). When the determination is made, it is, if a purchase difference in plane is found, recorded as right or if necessary, is then placed in the trial-frame with its base exactly down or up, and tests similar to those described by Graefe for the dot-and-line method are made. Then in neurasthenia there is a state of autofeetion, so that either before or after any surgical interference that may be required, these jjoisons should be neutralized and eliminate'd from the system. From six to twelve days are occupied in the withdrawal, according to the patient's age and condition, the size of the dose, the duration of the habit, etc. The death-rates in the four groups of districts into which Scotland is divided, closely corresponded with the birth-rates in the same districts, being highest where the greatest number of human beings was massed together, and lowest in tlio sparsely inhabited rural districts. From what I know, I conclude that the hydrate of chloral can be given to the extent of overcoming the severest, spasm; but if the dose be carried too far, with the determina MEDICAL REPORT OP THE SMALL-POX HOSPITAL.

Koberts, however, says that when the deposit is allowed to form in a conical glass vessel it presents appearances which are quite characteristic.

Under this name Sir Andrew Clark has described that the kidneys appear unable to excrete more than the normal daily quantity of urine (from forty to fifty ounces); while even this is of low several distinct but very short attacks of what appeared to be diabetes insipidus. The outer surface near the meatus in old polypi becomes pale and dermoid. Frantzel speaks of sero-fibrinous exudation as of not infrequent occurrence. This variety may also affect the intestines and mesentery, causing matting together of the former and the formation of adhesions and fibrous bands.

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