In intercostal neuralgia, the duration of the attack, the points of tenderness, the direction of the pain, and the absence of cardiac disturbance, will distinguish it from angina pectoris. The Gazette des Hospitaux says that the Hospice de la Saltpetriere at Paris, has been purchased by the Orleans Railway for the enlargement of their terminus, and that the Council General of Seine is about to erect an Asylum for Lunatics at St. Will this be an injury or a hardship? A temporary hardship it may be, but an injury, no. The term gravel is applied to larger concretions, ranging in size from a canary irregular and rough, which form in the pelvis and calices, and passing into the ureter cause renal colic. Mit Nachdruck 50 Verein der Hamburger Aerzte, zu dessen eifrigsten Mitgliedern S. The masseters are sometimes affected.

There is paleness and puffiness of the eyelids, ankles or hands in the morning. Now while this case was not cured by the use of the remedy, the distressing symptoms of dyspnoea, and liopeless cases, where we know that on account of structural changes in the vital organs it is useless to expect a cure, I think we should at tunate mortals who are forced to greet us at each visit with entreat ies for help, and I wish to impress upon you that with these facts ia view a physician has hardly done his whole duty to this class of suffering humanity, until he has secured from a reliable manufacturer an unquestionably genuine preparation of apocynum cannabinum, and given it a faithful, impartial, and thorough trial. In the dorsal region the lesion causes symptoms in the trunk and lower limbs only. Which are indicative of cardiac failure. There was no sign The method of operating as described by Dr. HARVEY'S REMEDIES FOR THE HORSE as herein described liave no connection' Oyvners yvhen ordering these Remedies the titles used in the following pages, and see that each Package or Bottle, bears a facsimile of the Proprietors' Signature, as below, on the outside label, as NONE OTHER CAN POSSIBLY' COMMON DISEASES OF HORSES AND OTHER With which is incorporated a Descriptive List OF Harvey's Great Remedies for the Horse, Which may now be had through all respectable Chemists. Patients past middle life may have the disease for years without much disturbance of the health; on the other hand I have seen them die after that age. In this aff"ection the circulation and sensibility are more or less impaired. It may be caused by irritation pressure upon the vagus or recurrent laryngeal nerve, compression of the trachea or a main bronchus, in which event it is often associated with stridor, or by bronchitis. Bartholomew's Hospital, five cases of diseased hip -joint, in boys from six to eleven years of age, under Mr. For children, if it he colored pink with a little cochineal, it makes them very happy. Tion tremor, sometimes an optic atrophy, and it is not seen as a family In cerebral ataxia there may be exaggerated knee-jerks, optic atrophy, ataxic speech, and a more distinct cerebellar gait than in Friedreich's disease.

One of the first unpleasant sensations an aviator notices when he reaches a somewhat high altitude is an uncomfortable feeling of dryness in the nose, mouth, and nasal septum, or hypertrophy of turbinates or of the nasal mucosa, complain very often of extreme distress during flight. The pains are continuous, and the suffering of the poor animal now becomes very great. First wash the affected parts with a strong solution of saleratus, then apply the oint incnt and dust lalcuin powder over iliis." Tlic washing with salcraius is very iniporlanl as this is a j;ood aiuisci)tic and lliorcjughly usually in a lew days. In a majority of the milder cases arrhythmia does not occur; exceptionally and arrhythmia appears. The pathology of this condition is a degeneration of the parenchyma, with a cellular infiltration of the differing from other inflammations where injection and redness are In the milder cases there is no symptom pathognomonic, a general malaise anorexia, headache, nausea, unusual weakness after exertion, fiiiaemia, slight edema or puffiness under the lids, esx)ecially on rising in the morning, though this is frequently absent, sometimes a slight rise in the temperature. Impaired venous return and neuralgic pains are confined to the right side in innominate aneurism, while the venous congestion is bilateral and pain is on both sides in aneurisms of the arch. The resolutions were seconded by Dr.

When the ulceration is situated in the ventricular wall, the pressure of the blood may bulge out the heart- wall and give rise to"partial cardiac aneurism." Communication between the various heart cavities may thus be established.

We are not disposed to give our correspondent the election of mg Francis Gurney Smith, M. With the advent of penicillin, the field of u.sefulness was further extended, but not much effect was shown on "ic" those disea.ses cau.sed by the (iram-negative group of bacilli.

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