Templeton, III, Camden County Stroke Program, Bascom Waugh, M.D., Assistant Physician, Cooper Clinical Alterations in Renal Physiology, of Clinical Medicine, Jefferson Medical College.

It has the assurance that the State Fish Commission would gladly supply it with abundant material from the fauna of generic the lakes, for the study of biology, diseases, foods, parasites and habits of fish, etc.; also the promise of specimens of monkeys and various other animals from other sources.

A strong infusion, or decoction drunk in small teacupful doses, every two hours, till it operates. Liepmann hopes for a serum-diagnosis of pregnancy. Following the early signs of conjunctivitis, great swelling, of the lids develops, the conjunctiva becomes roughened, and the secretion becomes "side" purulent and frequently forms a grayish membrane upon the eyeball. On abduction, the ligaments may be heard to crack at the outset of the manipulation; on adducion, they do not yield until this movement is combined with rotation inwards, and even then displacement is not readily effected. Drugstores in the first three months of this year, only nine were found to be counterfeit. The followers of Doctors Kanthack and Caddy are decidedly in the minority; and furthermore it must be admitted that the majority of physicians of India are in opposition, and the latter certainly bactrim are entitled to credence on the grounds of extended experience. It now remains to be seen whether the phenomena of the stasis may not be accounted for by the contraction of the arteries.

"When confined entirely to bed, sores and sloughing ulcers are not uncommon: these should be treated as directed under the head Bed-sores.

Furthermore, if one considers a culture of the cholera vibrio, which has been killed by heat, as representing so much cholera toxin, anticholera serum protects against no more of it than does the same quantity of normal serum. After twelve months treatment with the thyroid extract there was marked improvement. It is a monoamnionic-monochorionic twin jilacenta with the cords arising nearly at the same point in the center of the placenta. Open forum workshops have been held primarily for the one-hundred forty-five members of the lay members of the Delaware Diabetes Association, and there has been an active The Delaware Diabetes Association has sponsored the sending of two diabetic children to summer camp this year, and it is hoped this program with further financial support can be enlarged.

Chloroform increases the quantity of the serum, thus accounting for the remarkable fluidity of the blood so often noticed, and diminishes and condenses the fibrin; hence, the poorer the blood, the more dangerous must be the consequences of its use.

The Journal was one of the first scientific publications in the country to publish a report on the new synthetic penicillin known as Staphcillin which is very During the year the Journal has been very active in promoting medical writing and communication generally.


Both of these will be of great importance, but I think that Title XIX, which will require the state to revamp its programs for the medically indigent and, in some areas, to organize new programs, will have even more impact upon the average practitioner. In the final analysis, he must decide on the elimination of errors of commission as well as of omission. This is not surprising since premature births account for a large proportion of the perinatal In districts with high rates, the proportion of ward service patients is very high and that of private patients very low. Spontaneous recovery occurs, but its cause is not known. Saratoga Spa, and at the Coliseum will be part of the program of public education. Afterwards the pain increases, and fixing among the small bones of the foot, the patient feels all the different kinds of torture, as if the part were stretched, mostly grows milder every day, until at length the disease is carried off by perspiration, urine, and other evacuations.

It is precisely in the youngest element of the population that one would first look for definite results from steadily continued in all the Eastern and Middle States and to a considerable extent in the rest of the effects country. Whatever the evils of the present state of things, those bodies are responsible for them: in various manners and degrees, it is true, but still responsible. I'oth condyles were reproduced, the internal one being again larger and As far as one case can do so, this case shows clearly that, as a rule, in all cases of undoubted disease of the elbow-joint which have originated in an injury, early resort to excision will be found to give a far better result than any form of expectant treatment, in which the patient must run the risk of ultimate ankylosis even with his limb in a good position. Pleurisy, even years before other symptoms, has been looked upon as tuberculous and the onset in these cases characterized as pleuritic. None of the other physical signs including rales or liver enlargement tended to be related in their severity to the degree of all three groups, but they had no diagnostic or prognostic significance. In this only is there much risk of secondary cysts forming a multilocular tumour, and an almost invariable tendency to increased rapidity of the filling of the sac, all of which lead to a fatal resuit in a given number of years, and are sufficient to justify a dangerous operation, which is not proper in cases of the sacs of nearly pure water developed in the other situation. He was a member of the Westchester County Medical Society and the Medical Sexton Crea Roane, M.D., of New York City, Homeopathic Medical College and Flower Hospital. Page Version 1.05