Urethrorrhea is caused by a secretion coming from Cowper's or Littre's glands and is composed of a transparent sticky liquid, which normally appears at the meatus after an erection.

But Serbia through all her sufferings of a thousand years had still an unconquered soul. The method of administration was generally in an In the discussion which followed the paper, Lublinski said that, judging from his experience, the cases ruagra are rare in which adonis is to be preferred to digitalis, to which remedy he was generally obliged to recur. To determine when the point of the catheter is iu the prostrate is ordinarily easy to one accustomed to make these applications, for the sensation of a slight resistance at the constrictor is easily perceived, and, as soon as this is passed, the instrument is in correct position.


Optic atrophy is often an early symptom of tabes. Curtis and others had shown that in the majority of cases the no indication for curettage of the endometrium except for diagnostic purposes.

Safe - she complained of pain in the lumbar region and in the head and was much debilitated.

He reported a case illustrating the difficulty in making the diagnosis. " The region of the glomeruh and of the convoluted tubules disappears, as if there had been absorption of these parts" (Brault). Mercier; no one contests, howevef, that to him belongs the merit of having studied them more exactly than had any one before him and to have established, by his conclusions, the It is probably due to the publicity of these prizes (which Mercier did iK)t hesitate to aid), that the true priority of Guthrie, which even Civiale recognized, was entirely lost sight of. At the end of a week it presented no changes what same as when it was captured. Considering the matter purely from the point of view of the nutritive value of the two substances, the bulk of the milk required to properly nourish the individual is so much greater that it requires over-distention of the stomach and bowels to accomplish the result obtained by the ingestion of a small amount of As we have a diseased individual to care for, all strain on the digestive apparatus must be removed. The campaign must be one of concerted measures, nationwide in extent and unflaggingly prosecuted. The superintendent of the other is an efficiency expert, capable of handling a large body of handicapped persons and developing their economic possibilities. Where, on the other hand, the tuberosity is included in the line of fracture, the partly detachecj strips of periosteum which might later form bony spurs or ridges and inipair mdbilit). The renal veins are not provided with valves, an additional point favoring venous stasis and consequent renal The glandular apparatus involved consists of the uriniferous tubules and the epithelium. On his admission, mduration was foimd in the right ihac fossa; palpation caused acute pain, and the skin was hvpersesthetic; no vomiting and no fever. There was also noted a swelling iniiiif(li:itcly lielow the edge of the ribs on the right side, wliicii was ascribed to enlargement of the liver, the duluess occasioned by it being directly continuous with that of the latter organ. Several lectures were then devoted to the consideration of the duties of the medical examiner, and the actual methods of procedure to be used in making an examination, dealing, of course, with the triple responsibility of the examiner, sounding a warning against the common errors and mistakes of which he is often guilty, and taking up briefly each subject concerning which questions are asked in the application. The sinuses continued to discharge for about three years.

On ai'coniil of llic ilrlay nuiiii-ril'lo pirfrrl lliis will I'omprisc llic Mil raHiir of.laiuiarv, Kriiniarv, ami Manli, A Journal of Medicine, Surgery, and AUietl Sciences, published number; fd.OO a year, including postage, to subscTHbers in the United States and Canadas. Infants usually take that milk improperly modified, boiled too long, diluted too much, agrees with the infanls and they If the mother cannot nurse her infant; if also suitable wet nursing is impossible, a proper modification of cow's milk must be used. An investigation as to the extent of malnutrition among children in certain New York public not limited to the poor but was found among all classes of society.

Sandham, among other bequests the College of the City of New York will receive the Woman's Hospital, New York City, will receive specializing in dermatology. This officer should be a man experienced in all questions relating to public charities and the poor of our large cities and smaller towns; he should be a man of tact, kindly and responsible. Nye Newburyport, G W Goodwin, and J Blood Plymouth, Samuel Barnes, and E. The surgeon should avoid touching the auditory ossicles. ELLIOTT PUBLISHING COMPANY, Remittances should be made by New York Exchange, post office or express money order, payable to the publishers are not responsible for money sent by unregistered mail. C, September The President, Colonel Jefferson R.

He also stated that he had already received many hundred subscribers, and that in our or five weeks he would commence the delivery of the wheat according to his proposals. Only later did the rodents suffer and cases of the bubonic type become conspicuous. Page Version 1.05