Digestive Ferments: their Nature, Action, Quality, Dosage and counter Incompatibles, with Notes of Clinical Cases.

Noehren: I think the evidence of coronary artery disease in this woman without symptoms is of secondary importance to the pulmonary disease.

In his investigation into the cause of that curious disease, as it was formerly considered, the Devonshire colic, Sir George Baker, who discovered that it was only a form of lead-poisoning due to the drinking of cider fermented in lead-lined vats and troughs, found that eighteen bottles of cider he examined contained four and a half grains of lead, or a quarter of a grain to each bottle. First, the instruments should be absolutely germ-free, and this I ordinarily secure by dissolving nitrate of lead in hot water and then adding chloride of sodium. Future issues will cover over a full range of topics relating to Metric Medical Labs, the clinical laboratory field and health cars in general. One of the hypertensive heart disease employes showed no change in status and one gradually improved. Of right elbow for a year with psoriasis punctata of head and palms.


Della Porta, Chairman Monroe Lester C. These reactions have been reversible the upon discontinuation of drug therapy The relationship to CARDIZEM is uncertain in most cases, but probable in some. He says he favors the retention of surgeons in the service wlio become more valuable with increasing experience.

I have here only pretended to offer hints and some materials- for thinking, leaving the matter for future inquiry. Gundry remarked how readily attacks are made on medical schools and hospitals for the insane. During the last three years I have made a careful investigation of all published cases, whenever possible, where insanity had been the cause of death in grippe, and I found that quinine in large doses had always been given to the patients. If the abortion occur not later than the fifth month, neither midwife nor physician is called.

Years of age, of a frame and stature exceeding the ordinary size of women, and had "an" been healthy, vigorous, and fleshy. In the latter disease, however, the eruption does not appear until the third or fourth day of the disease, and it is first seen on the face and forehead. In a severe, general or partial pain and throbbing of the head. Softening of the mucous membrane of the digestive organs is of much more frequent occurrence than softening of the brain. In point of fact, if we carefully investigate the history of acute diseases, we shall find in the majority of cases, that it is impossible to specify distinctly any exciting cause. Most of them have passed into oblivion, and the apparatus used has been stored away as a curiosity. Before entering on a description of each hospital in particular, we shall give a few statistical observations on these establishments in general, for most of which we are indebted to a work lately The number of patients admitted into the civil hospitals ot the cUy ol The expense of keeping up the hospitals and hospices, which is defrayed by a few legacies, but chiefiy by taxes raised on the theatres, on sterling; and each patient costs in the hospitals one franc fifteen sols, in the hospices one franc seventeen sols, per day: is.

Prolapsus of the womb is a descent of the organ below its proper occur in two different degrees.

He was antabuse courageous both mentally and physically; he did not hesitate to advocate any plan or course of procedure that he believed in, however unpopular it was. This one, which I send you, is the third that I have presented, the other two having been given to personal friends. Acute synovitis runs its course in ten or twelve days, causing much swelling and severe suffering on the slightest movement of the limb to which the joint is attached. Page Version 1.05