One of our esteemed contemporaries, however, has uttered a vigorous protest against any move that comprehends sacrificing the Marine Hospital and Public Health Service, Appreciation is thus rightly shown for the splendid work that this Service has done throughout the country, and SurgeonGeneral Wyman and the capable men under him deserve all the kind and complimentary words that have been spoken concerning them.


Fortunately, in the forearm or hand tendons may be transferred from extensors to flexors or vice versa and assume other action than that which they had originally and immediately take over the new function. This lacUa uberUu pervades the whole little volume; and deoee, to a Divine Father, to a present Deity, to be loved, honoured, and obeyed, are so natural, so impressive, so numerous, and so ohild-Hke." Apropos of on mecdote about Opie, the painter, related at the commencement of the knowledge seH-productive in the individual to whom it is imparted; our readers who, mind" which is essential to constitute the sound practitioner, will see the gist of the may I ask what you mix your colours with?' said a brisk dilettante student to the great the painter's observation about mixing his colours applies to the physician, we leave our readers to divine, or, perhaps, still better, to search out in the book itself.

During this latter period, Henry decided that there was a greater At Hahnemann, classroom and laboratory supplanted tennis, track and basketball, in which sports we understand he was quite adept while an undergraduate in college. The juice of birftort gave almoft the fame phenomenon. What is needed is that one should have a proper realization not only of the benefit but also of "online" the danger of its application.

Inftances of it in diifercnt bodies. ' Morinellus, a bird common on our seashores, is foolish but good to eat and is among us thought one of the greatest of delicacies and fetches a high price. Most such communities are realizing their own responsibility and are making more of an effort to attract a physician. In army field-practice chloroform, as is well known, has hitherto been used almost exclusively. In all class and school affairs, Max has always taken an active part and has always been ready to assist in any way. Elementary Mathematics, Principles of Physics, Natural History, Philosophy, rational and moral, History, Geography, and Chronology. Those individuals who live in the midwest and the northwest have on the average the greatest longevity in this country, while those who live along the Atlantic seaboard show somewhat decreased longevity.

Delivery was impeded by the swollen state of the abdomen, which was found to be due to the right kidney being dilated into a cyst.


A fact is really influential only in its own immediate vicinity; but the whole structure of many a system lies in the region Such"vain imaginings" are delightfully seductive to many people, whose life and conduct are even shaped by them. Bone marrow aspiration was repeated on the ninth day of hospitalization. Square mile in each, and the relative proportion of persons between the ages of fifteen and forty-five inclusive; together with the annual proportion of deaths from ague and remittent fever combined, from ague only, and from phthisis, other diseases of the respiratory organs, and all causes, estimated on the supposition that the population of each inferred from the number of recorded deaths from both ague and remittent fever, as the former disease very rarely proves fatal, but rather terminates in the form of remittent fever. But I can more eafily (iippofe, that great, and defireable changes'may be wrought in the fluid parts of the body by appropriated precipitants, if it be true, as it is unariimoufly taught by a multitude of phyficians, that many difeafes are caufed by a putrefaction of the'when a few grains, or drops of it, were put into a confiderable quantity of water, that had been kept till it fliunk as ftrong, and offenfively, as carrion, (tho' it ftill remain'd tranfparent) and diffufed, by agitation,thrOugh it, precipitated therein a very fmall and light feculency, which being remov'd, the remaining liquor was quite freed from all ill fcent-, nor did I obferve, that the feculency it felf retained any. During his course in medicine we will remember him as a true student, questioning all statements, and thinking things out before he gave any decision. In reference to these diseases it is justly observed: of those maladies which yearly commit sudi dreadful havoc in the ranks of our European army are of that description which all investigators in recent times, unite in proving to be either removable or mitigable by vigorous and liberal measures of sanitation, the military surgeon in India cannot but feel, amidst the many disappointments which attend his laboure, that wherever he succeeds in carrjdng into operation any one Hygienic law, he begins to In addition to the great sickness and mortality above-mentioned, the Indian army the impropriety of sending out young recruits to India. However, apart from the ludicrous side, it shows the confused, unnatural conditions existing today, of which unwillingly, we have become a part. The clinical and the systematic medicine of Scotland were altogether derived from Boerhaave. Many have found happiness in going to live among other retired persons in private, well-run institutions or small towns.

There is sure to be considerable exudation following the scraping, and unless the fluid escapes freely into the dressings, it is apt to cause tension, pain, and disappointment. But no sign of fever was present. The author concludes the first section of his mquiiy by observing that the European army of Bengal has been nearlr every year from these conjoined causes. But, although this combination will usually cure syphilis, there is "buy" an excellant substitute to be found in iodia. They therefore have had recourse to a thermo-electric apparatus, consisting of two Dutrochet's needles of iron and german silver soldered lengthwise and protected with varnish, which were placed in the circuit of a galvanometer, and one of them exposed to a constant temperature, while the other was thrust longitudinally through the ear of the side under examination. Debates immediately took place in Parliament, and population revealed a condition of things of which the general public had no conception, and attention was directed to the fact that the seats of endemic disease were generally where the air or water were polluted.

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