Among whom there were six cases of cholera. This remedy seemed even more applicable to the state of our patient after the bowels had been cleared out. Bills have also been introduced providing for the enlargement of state institutions for lunatics, and the establisJimeut of a psychopathic THE BUKDEN OF COSTLY REMEDIES. The protrusion subsequently disappeared, but the same experience was repeated during her second period. Upon the outer contour of this vessel spring out minute, colorless, button-shaped elevations, just as if they were produced by the budding out of the wall of the vessel itself. It was found that a numbness of the lips and tongue was produced, and that the finger immersed in the solution for some minutes could then be pricked with a needle without any pain being felt. Moreover, the street cars and omnibuses give special ratenf seventy-five cents a-month for an unlimited number of rides These camps are undoubtedly good I'm- several reasons: and. The mesenteric glands near the caacum and transverse colon were cut in serial sections and stained with polychrome methylene blue and eosin. She has, I understand, continued well temperament, five years married, but has never been pregnant. The wide removal of damaged bowel and of the adjacent damaged and devitalized retroperitoneal tissue which the resection facilitates finds justification not only in being in keeping with the ordinary f1d rules for the treatment of gunshot wounds by excision of the damaged area, but also by the end-results in those cases in which this more drastic operation has been undertaken. Does not this carry with it the further obligation on the part of the management of the association of declining every advertisement to which any member objects? You can not compel anybody to endorse that of which he disapproves, nor should you thus affix the seal of approval as an association to articles he will not sanction With the independent medical journal the situation is quite different. Kemittents or intermittcnts never change into yellow fever, and vice versa; their anatomical characters and sequelas are not the same; those attacked with yellow fever in the autumn, are not affected with ague the following spring, and the aspect of the two diseases are not the same. This new regulation has been introduced at Budapesth show that the chance to die by small-pox is raised by six hundred per cent for each non-vaccinated person exclusively in consequence of the lack of vaccination. The strap passing through the surcingle keeps, or ought to keep, the trainer in his right place; he is not to pull or in anyway fatigue himself any more than he can help, but, standing upright, simply follow the horse about, guiding him with the bridle so he will not precipitate himself against the side of the stable or room in which you are exercising him.

The first arrivals were admitted to the hospitals at St. Iij; ordered one every three hours; also, a saturated solution of Epsom salts, teaspoonfull every three hours; ordered, also, a hot pepper and mustard foot bath had had three good discharges from the calomel and salts-; free from fever; and had discharged no bloody urine since midnight.

Hawkins's the propriety of removing all the bone in this case, and in many others, but it was his conviction that the proper proceeding in the majority of cases was to remove only the diseased portion. The adhesions were gradually liberated, and the appendix was removed without difficulty. Complained that he got no nourishment from his food, though his appetite remained good; also complained of a dull, heavy pain in the lumbar region.


KNAPPS TECHNOLOGY, OR CHEMISTRY APPLIED TO THE ARTS AND TO MANUFACTURES. Enucleation was proposed and was consented to. In describing uterine tissue-changes, the term" chronic metritis" is generally employed. Kdbner and Lewin as presidents, and Drs.

In the North-Easteru INDIAN vitamins MEDICAL SEPvVICE.

The patient was, however, able to attend to her usual duties, a state of affairs such as had not been experienced for some years. Page Version 1.05