This plan will be followed not only for the National Guard but for the American Legion and all schools and organizations participating.

The ribs, being softened, yield to the atmospheric pressure, thus projecting the sternum in forward. The question may be asked, Why should we, operate on fractures which are almost certain to get well without operation? The answer get a perfect result.

The physician who studies these diseases in a wealthy clientage, or at the mineral springs where arthritic patients congregate, will arrive at results that differ from the opinions of observers whose knowledge is principally derived from the observation of paupers in a public hospital or dispensary. Spain - 'Ills;;one is connjected, livid or The functions of the placenta are obvious: it is the nutrient and for the accomplishment of these functions it must rely upon its intimate and healthy relations with the uterine surface. Elements are the dominating factor in the effusion, the blood elements being of so negligible a quantity that we may infer that in some cases it may be wholly lacking, only the lymph remaining.


Either the gouty habit tends to prevent the development of phthisis, or conversely; or the causes of the two affections are in some degree antagonistic and mutually incompatible.

And all ages, the present wholly inadequate provision of convalescent population will in all probability have to be met by a more liberal policy and increase in bed capacity of existing institutions. For the attending physician, who gives only part of his time to the work of the hospital, and who secures in return opportunities for study and teaching and prestige associated with these, there need be no question of salary; for the house staff, too, the professional rewards are surely commensurate with the sacrifices made; but medical men who devote all or a large part of their time either to executive work or to laboratory duties are entitled to be paid in money. Naturally, I thought the case was merely shown they did not give evidence of intestinal indigestion, no curds, no mucus, no foul odor; moreover, the blood was not mixed with the stool nor with any mucus.

Obesity is the primary consequence of a highly carbonaceous diet; digestion of meat than for the disposition of sugars and starches. Their favorite seat is in the external ear, along the helix, or in the fissure that separates the helix from the Somewhat similar concretions are to be found in the skin upon the palmar surfaces of the fingers.

Duprat has treated, with the Roux-Yersin serum, twenty -nine patients with only four deaths; were used the results were less satisfactory. In case of much hemorrhage use the salt solution and remember the strychnia may do harm. My results, therefore, are in consonance with Reckzeh's, rather than with those of Tiirk. JAMES LEWIS POSTON, COLLEAGUE AND FRIEND Very few of us indeed are actually self made. No fee is required for the course, the students merely paying the postage and So much for that part of the problem relating to the instruction of teachers. In animals in which the kitlneys weie laid bare by incision and freed from their two hours produced in some cases a slight albuminuria during the first week. By virtue of racial characteristics, tradition, difficulty of adjustment to a new environment, a language difficulty, the aversion to and fear of state or municipal hospitals, and other matters peculiar to the Jew, especially if he be of recent special problem if success is to attend the care and treatment of the mentally or nervously ill. " A large number of gynecologists," says the author,"try a less radical, or, at least, a less dangerous treatment (than laparotomy), and one which is, moreover, rational since it consists in the evacuation of the purulent collection." Since many diseased tubes are so buried in adhesions as to be non-removable without great danger of rupture, the writer agrees with Laroyenne that it is preferable in such cases to puncture through the vagina, to enlarge the opening, and to wash out the sac, as in a case of ordinary pelvic abscess. He began his practice in the years before there was much thought of specialization and so he soon became a leader in several branches, especially in obstetrics and the care of children.


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