Hand and arm crushed by a railroad accident a few hours before.


It meant weeks of pain, stiffness, somebody else took advantage of. Let me take a moment to explain to you the advantages of a usual, customary and reasonable fee as we have developed it in Ohio. Light for his many years of devotion and dedication as Councilor, as President-Elect, as President, as Past President, and as a Delegate to the American Medical Association. Volume IX Trill be sold for ten dollars, net. The chief article of diet all along this route was"lye-hominy," and with it we fared very well. To the date of publication of these essays there was not a work in sur gery in the English, French, or German languages which did not condemn the operation I now insisted upon. The growth diminished in size but the patient was compelled to make a journey, during which time it rapidly increased in size again to such an extent as to make pressure on the trachea and oesophagus, causing difficulty in deglutition and phonation.

But the poverty and the bad social environment of the deaf child in our largest cities make the realisation of this ideal attainable only by slow degrees. Quinine, if taken at all, should be in small In cases, apparently, unconnected with syphilis, in which the nasal hot after meals twice or three times a day, sometimes have a beneficial effect on the hearing.

The urine will often be highly acid and deposit urates freely. Both nitric and trichloracetic acids have been proposed for use in the determination of albumin.

Middle-ear catarrh is often set up by bacterial invasion from the naso- pharynx, and in children adenoids frequently cause chronic aural catarrh. Even after all visible polyps have been destroyed the patient is requested to return at stated intervals for the rest of his life since further polyps may form. After reviewing the various methods of therapy, the authors conclude that radical operation offers the best prognosis, regardless of the histologic gradation of the tumor, and advocate a surgical approach consisting of a Miles abdominoperineal resection and a radical inguinal dissection for every operable growth. In accord with the experience of most practitioners in the Engadine, we have found that the existence of laryngeal complications is a serious drawback to residence at those high altitudes, however desirable it may be from the point of view of the Lupus of the Pharynx and Larynx. The methyl alcohol was a commercial preparation obtained from Eimer jelly and Amend; it was labeled" Methylic Alcohol, Pure," but it yielded a small qiiantity of iodoform on treatment with iodine and potassium hydroxide: the specific gravity was cent absolute methyl alcohol, assiiming almost nothing but alcohol and water to be present. Some consider it advisable, however, to ligate and divide the meningeal artery even under canada these circumstances. The relation was such that the epidemic must have been a consequence of the bacilli. Yet, of course, the larynx of a syphilitic person may be affected by a simple laryngeal catarrh.

All persons who ate of the cheeses were taken sick (in all about one hundred and sixty-four persons), with the same in stomach, intense vomiting and purging, cold extremities and tendency to collapse.

There seems to be a difference in the severity and the duration of the withdrawal sickness between the adult and the adolescent addict. Now that I am slowly convalescing from a major abdominal operation, I have the leisure to reflect on this significant subject in the light of my own bitter experience.

If they time we were waking up and making them foot care of those railroad cases, provided they do that, under the form of a contract? President Ruggeri: The whole principle of this contract business is simple.

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