The same may be said of the more bulky remedies of the charlatans, the merits of whose medicines are heralded in the advertising columns of our newspapers, and who vie with each other as to who will give the greatest bulk for the smallest amount of money. So it is with every one part of the body, for the feet will make a similar display, and any other of the joints, if, being unaccustomed to labor, they be suddenly brought into action, after a time. In addition to evidence of this sort, the author records a large number of experiments on dogs, with a complete microscopical examination of the prostate and testis (uk). At a distance, however, he His eye appears smaller and flatter than a normal eye; it does not fill out the palpebral aperture properly; there is a little space between the outer canthus and the eyeball.

A most filthy, purulent, and fa;cal discharge took place, and when the sloughs came away a false anus remained in the groin. Here and there a man of better education or peculiar ability steps forward and claims his place among the first, tnit the character of the great bulk of the General Practitioners is at a AVe have quoted thus largely from this pamphlet, because whilst, on the one hand, we desire to lay bare the various weak points which may exist in our knowledge, habits, and against the sneering tone too often adopted by men who, like Profession.

On admission she appeared cheerful, but was much emaciated, and suffering a good deal from the effects of the distension on the viscera of the chest and abdomen.

In the four the exciting lesion was a furuncle and suppuration slowly developed in the glands. Hippocrates, it thus appears, came into the world under circumstances which must have co-operated with sale his own remarkable powers of intellect in raising him to that extraordinary eminence which his name has attained in all ages.

The most of them commence from the flanks and loins, but some from the liver; in those which derive their origin from the flanks and loins the feet swell, protracted diarrhoeas supervene, which neither remove the pains in the flanks the liver there is a tickling cough, with scarcely any perceptible expectoration, and the feet swell; there are no evacuations from the bowels, unless such as are hard and forced; and there are swellings about the belly, sometimes on the one side and sometimes on the other, and these the belly and sides are hot; but it is a very good symptom when the whole and to be agile when raised up; but if he appear heavy in the rest of his disease of the liver, from disease of the spleen, from fever, and from a sudden by which Galen and Stephanus agree that he means the jejunum, mesaraic veins, that allusion is made to granular degeneration of the kidneys, that is to say, to arising from inflammation with which they had been previously attacked. Otherwise they may be alarmed by the supervention of these symptoms. At present writing;, (twenty-eighth day) there have been no convulsions for fifteen days. Ladies will be attended by MRS.

Frederick Robie, of Fordham, Me., has been appointed a Paymaster in the regular At the regular meeting of the Guardians of the Poor for this city, on Monday last, Dr. All acquainted with these countries will understand how many favorable influences are at work, in addition to the simple the Harveian Society of London, Dr. So entirely had these sunamary indications been forgotten, that, in reality, our knowledge of the subject dates only from our own day. At last, he was unable to leave his bed: day by day, his torpor increased: and he died in a state of coma. When the instruments have boiled for a half hour, add cold sterile water to cool them off and cover them up with a sterile towel until ready for use. Whether it be the laving in the gently flowing stream as it glides by with easy murmuring, or the more exhilarating, healthful bracings of the mounting surf, man has ever been accustomed to enjoy the cool, refreshing bath in some sequestered spot. The examining surgeon certifies on the service record as follows:"I certify that I have carefully examined, agreeably to the Regulations of the Navy, the above-named recruit, and find that, in my opinion, he is free from all bodily defects and mental infirmity which would in any way disqualify him from performing the duties of his rating, and that he has stated to me that he has no disease concealed or likely to be inherited." to determine whether such defects should be waived, and such reports are often returned for further information before recommendation can be made. To proceed systematically in our examination, a careful history should be taken of the patient's case. Peter, my chef de clmique, adopted the following measures: with nitrate of silver, he traced the course of the sviperficial veins, which were distinctly red, so that on the following days the changes which had taken place might be seen. I had"learned from cliDical experience, that the circumstances under which gouty rheumarism showed itself, the inveterate obstinacy of the symptoms, the peculiar alteration of the joints, and the remedies most useful in the These conclusions are still tenable.


The state of the breasts, even, does not give us sufficient evidence by which to decide the question, although it furnishes information of positive We must judge of the breasts less by their size, than by their form, the appearance of the skin covering them, and the shape and development of The largest and roundest breasts are not always those which yield most milk; for it often happens that mammary development is due to a predominance of cellular tissue and fat, while smaller pearshaped breats indicate development of the gland itself, promising therefore a more abundant secretion of milk, particularly if their skin is marbled by veins, testifying As to the nipple: it ought to enter easily into a state of erection, and be of size sufficient to enable the infant's mouth to get a good hold of it in When there is to be an abundant secretion of milk, it begins to be secreted long before parturition.

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