At the point where the tumor iirst made its appearance there was a large ulcer, from which flowed blood and ichorous matter. Do not wash the head too much. No condition of this sore in any of its well-marked stages can warrant the employment of mercury. Once the flow is estabhshcd and abundant they can be withdrawn: rider. There are certain sex relations which might be avoided in that way with great advantage to the public. The union of the two cells, ovum and spermatozoon, is the origin of the new species, the growth being maintained by" segmentation" and" differential metamorphosis." The white corpuscles of the blood are said to be the lineal descendants of the segmentation-spheres of the ovum, and other corpuscles proceed from these by proliferation. Roman Catholic priests, for propagandist purposes among the Greeks, translated the liturgy into the idiom of the people. With the exception, therefore, of giving my name, you are at perfect lil)crty to dish me up for the satisfaction of all your medical friends. The University of Edinburgh, when first opened, and for some time thereafter, lodged and boarded some at least of its students. We are not concerned here especially with the question of the diagnosis of cases of pulmonary stenosis, but I desire to draw attention to the fact that a myocarditis of the conus of the ventricle, as first pointed out by Dittrich, may also induce narrowing of the pulmonary orifice; hence the diagnosis of valvular endocarditis cannot always be made with a feeling of absolute assurance. For the latter circumstance, I can offer no explanation; nor is there any statement to this effect in literature. REPORT OF THE CHAIRMAN OF THE COUNCIL Officers elected and seated during the year include: Presi- (, dent, James Reynolds, MD; President-Elect, Mary Carpenter, MD; Vice President, James Engelbrecht, MD; SecretaryTreasurer, Rodney Parry, MD; AMA Delegate, Michael Pekas, MD; AMA Alternate Delegate, Thomas Krafka, MD; Chairman of the Council, Richard Holm, MD; Speaker of the House of Delegates, Stephan Schroeder, MD; and Councilor It is the opinion of this chairman that there were FOUR MAJOR ISSUES the Council had to wrestle with during this Because there was concern among doctors about therefore not allowing all SDSMA members to participate, after considerable debate the Council responded in good faith with a recommendation to develop"any willing provider" legislation. Holmes expressed much satisfaction at the encouraging results of its treatment, and thinks if it were not so often overlooked in its commencement, the proportion of The peculiarities of the many cases met with, call for deliberation upon the prognosis and the method of treatment in each case. Vincent Archer presented a paper and demonstration on Roentgen Diagnosis of Intestinal Ascariasis before the American Roentgen Ray Society meeting at West 41d Dr. In view of these symptoms the case seems to be the katatonic form of dementia prsecox. It does not seem possible to devise any more perfect means to measure and permanently record rapidly-fluctuating pressure than the mercurial manometer.

The influence of the lateral-line system on the peripheral osseous Nils Holmgren. The fever when present is usually somewhat higher than in adults: pill.

I was moreover informed, while in his laboratory before leaving Berlin, that no one besides himself and his assistants ever worked in the laboratory on the tubercle bacillus beyond staining tissues, sputa, etc., containing it. At this time the physical examination showed the pupils equal, with left of the median line; upper border at the third rib.

The card, however, was still enhancement there. The stupor was more intense, verging on coma; the eyes were turned up, the lids half closed, the pupils dilated, pulse less frequent.

The more common effects are traceable to the carbonic acid and ammonia; the rarer and more severe effects produced are very transitory, the poisons finding a ready exit in the habit, to be well; it does not follow, however, that he is becoming of sense, causing, in the extreme degree, dilatation of the pupils of the eye, confusion of vision, bright lines, luminous or cobweb specks, and long retention of images on the retina: with other and analogous symptoms affecting the ear, viz.: inability clearly to define sounds, and the annoyance of a sharp ringing sound, like a whistle or a beU; (e) on the brain, susi)ending the. The next class of cases are those in which, -uith or without tendency to iserspire over the body generally, but most jsrobably without, there as the axilhe, hands, feet, etc. The operation is not indicated in every case of hepatic cirrhosis with ascites; the operation is absolutely dependent for its success upon the retained function of the liver cells. KREHL, Strasburg, Germany THE union of the various cells and tissues which go to make up the one organism is accomplished not only by the nerves but also by way of chemical action. We are too apt to follow blindly our text-book"rule - of - the - thumb" procedures, and male forget that there are few truly classical cases of disease in the everyday practice of the individual physician.


The necropsy revealed a half-litre of fresh blood between the stomach and the liver, and another half-litre between the stomach and the spleen; a funnelshaped, perforating ulcer, the size of a dollar, on the anterior surface of the stomach, toward the hilum of the spleen; a dense infiltration, with central necrosis, about the size of a dollar, in the region of the pylorus; similar areas of infiltration at eight different regions of the surrounding structures; and many areas of infiltration, grayish-white in color, of firm consistence, without central necrosis, varying in size up to that of a hen's egg, and situated in the lungs. Page Version 1.05