The discharge is"laudable pus,'Wery abundant, and threatens to excoriate the vulva. Held them while my assistant, Dr.

The testicles were felt well up in the groin, but hardly as tense as normal. Because it was not feasible to supply these added locations from the main anesthesia workroom, each of the four new operating suites were made self-sufficient from the standpoint of equipment, material hydreane and drugs. This case illustrates the value of hot water in that large class of cases in which a condition of chronic hyperEemia has been induced in the eye by some defect of refraction, combined "riche" or not with a lowered state of the general bodily vigor, or an asthenopic state from any cause which can be or has been removed.

Flesh tint or red coloring to the complexion, also for adding to any of the foregoing white preparations to impart a flesh posay tint. La - separate the coarser portion with the hand, and rub the pulpy mass first through a coarse hair sieve and then through a fine one, or through a muslin cloth. AVithdrawing this, I slowly work in my index finger, which will sufficiently distend the urethra, and which goes in still more easily. Dingle's patients has written to us, and says that, according to his observations on the occasion referred to, the drug ought to be administered with very great caution, and always under medical supervision.

The objectives and concepts of maintenance, policies governing the conduct of maintenance operations, and the responsibilities for the maintenance of equipment adopted for Army use are equipment maintenance procedures are described b.


The evacuation hospital is composed of a hospital headquarters section, administrative services, and professional services e. He was treated by several physicians, but without any benefit. The skin was then sutured with silk-worm gut transversely.

I am, yours truly, The first point that I shall discuss is a method of making superficial incisions by which scarring can be avoided. Having had opportunity very recently of observing two well marked cases of pulmonary fatty embolism consecutive on osseous changes, we considered it right to publish them, so as to draw attention to a subject little known among us, still less studied, the importance of which nevertheless will not escape the mind of any one, if regard is had to the statistics mentioned above, a subject doubly important in our judgment, not only because it widens the compass of our anatomical and pathological knowledge, but especially because it makes known a nearly fatal complication of serious injuries, and that consequently it appears to us to have in it considerable clinical importance from October last a young man was brought to the Hotel Dieu, under the service of Dr. His face, though bright, was flabby; and there was a difficulty in swallowing, caused by a mass on the anterior aspect of the throat, which resembled a goitre, of very soft consistency. With the decomposition of the haemoglobin in such a focus the color disappears gradually and becomes yellowish.

No doubt the publications that we have from the Bureau of Animal Industry have done much to enlighten our American observers, but yet it seems to us that our confreres on the other side of the Atlantic are a little indifferent to the subject, if we are allowed to judge from the lack of communications on their part in our veterinary journals; and, still, outside of the strictly scientific point of view of parasitology, the diseases and symptoms which are related to parasites are of the utmost importance, and the general practitioner, and certainly the sanitarian cannot be allowed to ignore them.

The interests of one are the interests of all, and in no way, I think, can these be so certainly secured and guarded, as by giving the fullest powers and all the necessary resources to a Board, such as the present National Board has shown itself to be." A Case of removal of both Ovaries by Abdominal Section, for the relief of aji exhausting Menorrhagia and Uterine Fibroid, with remarks by leading the sedentary life of a school teacher, was troubled with menorrhagia and slight dysmenorrhoea. Malarial fever is usually found in the country in The disease germs in yellow fever are transportable in clothing, goods, etc., and may be propagated The disease germ of malarial fever is never transported in clothing, goods, etc., and is never communicated or propagated in this manner.

But the author himself (before noting this), says in treatment" that unless marked indications exist, I entirely disapprove of the pernicious practice of flying to tonics, alteratives, and aperients, as the case may be." Sound advice; but as it is the recognized one treatment, as far as the tonics are concerned, that will overcome the great universal cause of disease in his acceptation, it seems like pulling the planks from under him, in our humble view! There is much of interest in this chapter, buy as it brings us in contact with the author's views of treatment, and notwithstanding his positive assertions to the contrary, as above, his advice in this part is sound; he takes it all back and endorses the tonic. Ambulances will not be used to transport nonmedical troops or materiel not required for the medical mission.

The process of involvement of the nerve in the syphilitic or traumatic cases, and in the otitic cases where necrotic invasion of the Fallopian canal can be directly traced through a chronic suppurative otitis media, is perfectly clear. Irritation of various kinds, especially from pruritus vulvae, masturbation, syphilis, postoperative lacerations of the perineum, reflex origin through defective nerve origin, rheumatism, pregnancy, and gonorrhoea, all have been ascribed as the cause. The air must be analyzed by chemists. On opening the occipito-atloid articulation and cutting through the dura mater for the purpose of removing the head, about a pint of blood ran out from both above and below the articulation. Page Version 1.05