The older naturalists, notwithstanding the great learning of such men as Linnaeus and Haller, had comparatively either very simple or hypothetical and incorrect notions of the complexities of living beings and then- constituent parts. An hour later, however, the glomeruli and tubes showed structural change. Afterward swab the lesion with a mixture of pure the patient use a good boric acid soap (or, better, hand sapolio or Ranier soap) with tepid water on his face at least twice each day, and at night apply lotio rose water ointment, for a time. It is also well to boil the flowers and leaves in water, and to wash yourself well therewith every morning, omitting to dry it with a cloth, but leaving it to do so naturally. I hopve the time will come when the American people as a whole will realize that periodical examinations by their family physicians or some authorized medical examining board, perhaps twice yearly, for the purpose of determining their physical status and the possible checking of an insidious disease, are to their physical, mental, and financial advantage. On the other hand, anaemia and diminished tension in front of the mitral as far as the error of supposing that the resistance can work back from the mitral orifice through the longs to the systemic capillaries, forgetful of the fact that the systemic veins can more than liold all the blood in the body. The contract for another unit of the American Legion Memorial Sanatorium at Kerrville, Tex., has been awarded.


I think that the long-honoured custom of medical and surgical practice being distinct is not only of advantage to the physicians and surgeons tliemselves, but that it is productive of material good to the patient, and altliough the converse is being advocated by the obstetric physician, I think the same arguments apply with equal or greater force in his case. I BERI LLAETH news YM MRONNAU GWRAIG. These, however, were only questions of individual practice, the recognition of the levator function and its restoration being the main consideration.

Clearly, then, all cases of chronic mitral disease should be put through a systematic course of respiratory exercise, or, if we prefer the term, pulmonary calisthenics. He commenced the injection of glycerineand pain had gone, the aperture in the bowel had closed, the ulceration about the aperture had healed, the prostate was firm, and, except for the escape of a few drops of urine occasionally considerable gain of weight in such a short period.

Thomas's Hospital Hughes, John Pearson, University College Second Division. ' RHAG Y DDANNOEDD; CYFERDDAWN YW. To the anatomy of the parts concerned in the surgical treatment of gall stones, with the object of demonstrating that a pouch exists behind the right lobe of the liver which has natural barricades separating it from the general peritoneal likely to serve a useful purpose in gall stone operations. Byrhwch, a bloneg cefFyl, a bloneg baedd, a'r llysiau a elwir y tormwyth neu'r wermwd wenn, ag yn y lladin ffehriffuga, wedi eu pwyo'n dda, a cliymysg ynghyd a thawdd hyd ferw a gwedi y berwi yn y ceir fFrwyth y llysiau, yna hidla a dod yr eli i gadw mewn gwydr yu gaedig, ag ira'r dolur yng chymaint a gwi o suwgr, a dod mewn llestr gwydr hyd ei banner, a llanw ar liynny halen yn y bo llawn y llestr, a gwybydd yrhaid y w pwyo'r llysiau yn fal drwy hen gwrw, a dodiV llestr yn ol ei drefnu'n barod yn yr haul wythnos neu yn naws haul o dan, a thi a gai eliw o bono, a chadw ef yn anwyl, ag a hwnn iro'r dolur; yna cais frann gwenith, a gwin gwynn, a bloneg baedd, a berw ynghyd a gwna blasder, a dod wrtho cyn dwymed ag y gellych ei oddef ar yr hwydd a hwn ai gyrr yraaith. These four points seem to me to require reconsideration; therefore I have ventured to trespass on yom- valuable time and space.

Such a diagnosis cannot be made today without a careful examination of the colliculus by means of a posterior urethroscope of modern type. Victor Horsley, Professor of Pathology at University College, Loudon, for his important investigations relating to the physiology of the nervous system and of the thyroid gland and to their application to the treatment of disease.

The difficulties in the way of determining the truth in these cases are frequently tremendous, but some observations have been repeated with enough accuracy and persistency to have acquired a firm position. He was in many respects far fitter to hold that position than his immediate predecessor, Sh- Astley Cooper, whose acknowledged eminence, being beyond defence, need not fear criticism. A hynn a attal gwaedu o drwyn, ag o friw, ag o frath, pa le bynnag y bo ar gorph dyn. And, lastly, perconal observation of the present epizootic in a recent visit made with that object lo the Royal Veterinary College in Loudon, and to an infected dairy in Marylebone. During the interval large numbers of children have been exposed, and it is to be presumed that the disease In our judgment the family of a janitor should reside outside the school for other reasons as well.

Thus, the fact that germs may grow luxuriantly on a given blood or serum, for instance on the antidiphtheritic serum, is no proof that this blood or serum does not contain the potentially active, germicidal ferments, or antibodies. Page Version 1.05