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In the latter form the obstruction is permanent, and results from a morbid thickening of the mucous membrane. If they do not know how to treat it suceessfuUy, they should at least know the importance of advising treatment by one who does, as the affection is certainly worthy of the serious attention of all Opium given in large and enoi-mous doses, shown by Ware to be pernicious (with).

The physician has a greater duty than that of caring for his patient and restoring him to health. Packard was a practicing physician in White Rock, N. So, too, when the injury is accompanied by a considerable crushing of the marrow, by extension of the fracture to the tibio-tarsal articulation, and imminence of suppuration in this joint, it is hardly to be doubted that the patient will be carried off' by intense traumatic fever or by purulent infection, and that the chances of recovery are a little greater after amputation.

Some of the secretions are wholly recrcmentitious, being for the use of the animal economy, as the saliva, chyle, gastric juice, and synovia; others are wholly exc emenlilibus, being mere waste material, as sweat, urine, bile, and feces. Malthus has contended that population has a tendency to increase faster than the means of subsistence, unless some extraordinary counteracting causes be interposed. All spasmodic or convulsive movements of the body are considered examples of extreme reflex action; the producing causes of them may be seated in the spi'jal cord itself, then called centric irritation, or at a distance, the irritation of which is transmitted to tha cord, called concentric irritation. Among it, and scattered over the western portion very generally, the various forms of cacti are seen in large quantities; that known popularly as the"prickly pear"(C Tuna and G. These cases require an active treatment for several weeks; and in some few cases, where the constitution has been shattered by repeated fevers in malarious districts, and more especially when the patient has been repeatedly cured by arsenic, quinine, calomel, etc., several months' time are fevers, which may be regarded as chronic diseases with acute paroxysms, the case is somewhat different. The explanation is this: when the emotive faculties are suddenly and powerfully excited, they quickly expend the organic forces, so that the individual swoons from sheer exhaustion.

Here is a beautiful specimen in which the hernia was reduced en masse, and in which the patient in consequence died with the strangulation still unrelieved, and you may see quite distinctly that the strangulation is in the sac itself. Thence I concluded that the diminution of weight was made in both the constituent parts of the muscles, but more especially in their contractile part.

Unlike alcoholic stimulants, they exhilarate without a depressing reaction after their influence has passed off. Such men are by no means habitually intemperate. The diagnosis of chancre of the tonsil is often by no means easy. They are essentially a thinning out of the blizzards of the Northwest. When the general heat of the surface is equal to, or above the natural standard, the pack should be resorted to daily, or tri-weekly. In the present work it is impossible to give more than a brief abstract of the positions and evidences bearing on the general proposition. This influence, however, is limited to the preparation of an already predisposed individual for microbic infection by loweringgeneral or local vitality.

But when the muscular contraction is strong, we must employ, in addition to extension and counter- extension, warm water to the part to relax the muscles particularly implicated; and in severe cases, the full warm-bath, to relax the whole muscular system; and in extreme cases, the patient must also drink plentifully of warm water, and have the throat frequently tickled, to excite and maintain considerable nausea.


Archiv sudebnoi meditsini i obtchestvennoi Archiv veteriiuirnich nauk, izdavaemii pri Denkschrift des Naturfor.schervereins zu Riga, Diievnik Kazau.skago Ob.shestva vracbei pri Dnevnik tretjago siezda Obshestva Russkich Dorpater mediciuische Zeitschrift. Hctz - coma is quite frequent with the convulsions in these cases of high temperature. A girl, eighteen years of age, in consequence of hysterical paralysis of the vocal cords, became at length quite dumb.

There is reason to believe that the possibility of signal codes, so subtle as to elude detection, is greater than was supposed at the time of the earlier experiments. In this great work it is nut t nuch to suggesi the gradu atesof the North Carolina Medical College will ever be found in the forefront lending their every effori to allay the progress of the Great White Plague and to hasten the day when its dreadful mortality will only be recalled by the historical student of the pathology of the past as a blot on the therapeutics of a past That there are drifts and tendencies in the the ocean all careful observers will admit.

Hence, the avidity with which its structure and functions have been studied in our time; for, although much remains to be explained, much has certainly been accomplished. In three hours more I gave her ten grains again; by night she recovered her senses. The use of the urethra or vagina for this purpose is resorted to only under circumstances which render the use of other localities objectionable, as in Asiatic cholera, a disease in which the temperature of the axilla has been found as much as of the mouth and rectum are also unreliable. If the intestinal tract has been emptied and all the organs of elimination are performing their duties well, the probability of gastric irritation will be great ly lessened.However, this may be obviated at times by giving the drug with a half glass of milk to which carbonated water has been added. He heard the demonstrator announce to the class that death would take him before the year ended. Page Version 1.05