In relation to operations, with breathing, and temperature in Pj'aemia, rare in children, except in Pyaemial abscesses after ligature of Respiration, ratio to pulse in operations, Eetention of urine from stammering Eigidity of limbs in nervous mimicry, a AVOEY, Mr., on the treatment of pa Scalp cysts, operations on, sometimes functions, partial ignorance of, in Shock, danger of in operations on young Shoulder, operation on, followed by Slipped tendons treated by bone-setters, Spinal disease followed by residual Spine, stiffened by involuntary muscular curvature of in the old, symptoms of, disease in, diminished mobility of ribs, pain on coughing, or sneezing, Standards of health for operations, Stone, mimicry of symptoms after Na on swelling of the mucous membrane Subclavian artery, ligature of, followed Success in surgery, various estimates of, tul)erculous gout; caution in the use TABLES, value of, for estimating risks Testis, wasting of, not due to varicocele, Tibia, acute necrosis of, followed by Tj-phoid fever, followed by phlebitis, TTLCER of septum nasi in tuberculosis, Urine, low specific gravity of, in the old, WAIIMTII, in the treatment of hurt Warts on the face often best removed abcmt joints, produced by pressure, Si'idtiixco-jdc A: Co., I'riiiUrs, NeiC'Street Square, London.

Three have ordered new padded belts, one can wear hers only at times, as the distention of the stomach with gas causes so much pain that she has to remove the belt. On returning into the open air, the breath formed a cloud; there was a sharp feeling of cold; the pain in the ears returned; there was palpitation of the heart; and the respiration compressed air became emaciated.


Sieving, however, considers the dermination of the right border of much greater diagnostic importance. It appears to me that a vigorous campaign of education on general hygiene, and thehyg'eneof tuberculosis in particular, is necessary and demanded; that it should include two distinct the other for the further instruction of the profession. Fracture of the frontal bone is an occasional complication.

Cut the cabbage fine as for slaw; put it into a stewpan, cover with water and keep closely covered; when tender, drain off the water; put in a small piece of butter with a little salt, one half a cup of ovral cream, or one cup of milk. If the weather be warm, it will be ready in three weeks. We must therefore decide in which cases we should operate on the benign growth at once, and in what others we must be content to watch The form of malignant lesion of the mouth which has the longest period of incubation, if one may use that expression, is leucoplakia, a disease manifested by white patches in the mucous membrane. And price put on the cream a froth made as below. The therrao-cautery overcomes this defect, besides being more easily handled, one hand being all that is required for its use. The uveal tract is not involved. In the acutest case wdiich I have seen, I applied ninety-eight leeches in three days after the operation, with great comfort, and I think great advantage, to the patient. This tumor was about three inches in diameter, situated at the CASE OF STRANGULATED INGUINAL HERNIA OPERATION.

To the anatomical description of the bones he has added some medical and surgical observations which make the reading both pleasant and useful. Another point that was spoken of in the paper is of vital importance, and that is that in many of the cases the discharges were reduced to not more than one or two in twenty- four hours and apparently to the inexperienced eye the patient was doing well. This matter should not be permitted to go by default. With or without the presence of stones, for stones often are an incident merely in the course of the disease, we may find phlegmonous cholecystitis and gangrene of the gall bladder, multiple and sometimes perforating ulcers, chronic cholecystitis with contracted gall bladder, or possibly with a gall bladder enlarged, thickened, ulcerated while the common duct is unobstructed; those cases of empyema of the gall bladder in which there is serious damage to structure, cancer or other tumors limited to the gall bladder, and calcareous gall bladder.

So that the conclusion in reference to pain must be this: if a carbuncle can be divided in the first three or four days, while still hard and brawny, it may be relieved of some measure of the suffering; at a later period incisions have The third point is stated thus; that by the incision of carbuncles you accelerate their healing, giving facility for the exit of sloughs. For the first time in many years the American Veterinary College held within the collie walls, is likely to advance the college interests more, perhaps, than formal exercises in a public hall. The second argument is that knowledge is the ultimate goal of scientists, and if this be so, and all intervening rights are to vanish, the rights of men alike, with the rights of animals, will disappear. Earlier I emphasized that we have a societal duty to collectively perform these tasks; yet a carrot in recognition of these services would certainly be more palatable to many physicians.

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