Further, the spasm in liie left erector group was greatei- than that in the rigiit and the glands in the jell gro'n were more markedly enlarged than those in the right; lastly, bending to THE CANADIAN MEDICAJ. Cases which develojied in what is the surgical convalescent period fell into one of two categories which may fairly be said to have been the result and persistent pain with slight cough and sputum primarj' lesion or several times as a sequela of a postoperative pneumonia and presented three types, dry, sero-fibrinous, and suppurative: essex. Eigodin has reported a case in which an apparent cure ot diabetes was effected by the use of sugar. Wliile it is generally believed that contact carriers have never suffered from the diseases due to the parasites they are carrying, Craig calls attention to the fact that a very considerable proportion of them have presented, at one tune or another, symptoms wliich were undoubtedly due to the parasite they cany. In all characters are many constituent elements; one may be yery dominant, but the rest are not often so triyial that tliey maj' be safely neo-lected.

The publication of a successful trade journal is a task of large magnitude, requiring unremitting attention to I detail, as well as the exercise of business I I be, as well, the faculty df justly appreI dating the desires and needs of readers, and an ability to select from chaotic and I heterogeneous material that which Is I closest and best adapted to the aims of t success. Of some pains in swallowing; an enema containing tinct. It remains for me to state how far my recent experience confirms or opposes the views previously expressed, that the two diseases are specifically distinct. Leonard Pearson, and was replete with excellent thoughts and suggestions.

Krapelin has shown that bodily fatigue is demonstrably injurious to thought, and that bodily exhaustion weakens the brain power in definite curves and ratios. Of these bodies there are two chief kinds. As a rule, all the papillae of the area disappear, although some of them may remain, and give rise to certain of the more substantial of the thin fibrous partitions which are very obvious at the lower part of the tumour, dividing off the groups of lobules from each other.

Calvin Shafer Co., manufacturers of showed me through the building, in which is stored a very large stock of fruit juices. A VERY interesting case of paralysis in a dog was observed bj me last year. Most probably, in the lapse of years since the last of the fatal cases, he had mistaken the P.

J., was considered; having been favorably acted upon by the Board of Censors, he was unanimously elected to membership. It is more common in females than in males, in the proportion of about two to one; and it is usually associated with inherited or acquired debility of constitution. The bacilli having entered the pehns of the kidney, in order that they should find settlement there, it is necessary that its resistance must have been lowered in some way (design). This condition was noticed for about two weeks. By the blood they are carried to all parts of the body. As a part of the preparation for teaching I look upon a certain acquaintance with the methods of original research as an essential attain merit; I do not intend to assert that without it there can be no good teachers, but it certainly strengthens the equipment of a teacher who aspires to a high position. Caine in the Department of Anesthesiology; and Dr. The company, not satisfied with being able to handle any amount of stock with a' single pair of hands, found a way to save the handling of the packages between the warehouse and the railroad bybuilding a continuous platform six feet wide from the side of the warehouse over onto the main tracks of the railroad, and arrangements were made so that a car can be loaded direct from the platform, or shipments delivered direct into a freight train by the means of special We have noted briefly the facilities of this building in relation to the manufacturing part of the business, but in addition the company have all the accessories necessary to handle their business in the way of a large steam plant, Corliss engine, large steaming-room, sawdust and drying-room, with bins and mechanical appurtenances to deliver the sawdust to the packing-room, where all the bottled goods are packed in barrels and surrounded by sawdust, which the company has found the most practical way of shippingbottled goods without running the risk of breakage. What with the painters, the carpenters and the furniture men, the place will have a brighter look, and one more in keeping with the cheery countenances of the gentlemen in the office. The report of the Treasurer as printed having been presented, it was moved by Dr.


The fluid is collected, filtered, and put into sterilized tubes which are afterward sealed by the blowpipe. The only subjective symptoms are tingling and itching. It may be found necessary to administer hypnotics, either to assist the general system of treatment, or on account of complete insomnia prolonged for more than twenty-four hours; in this case from two to four drachms of paraldehyde injected into the rectum will almost certainly procure sleep.

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