That poem is structured by the image of circles, magnetism, and circulation. The remarkably sunken appearance of the greater trochanter and its slightly altered relation to Nelaton's line were points which distinguished the dislocation. It, The commission of the last assistant-surgeon appointed to Madras under the old competitive system there has been no act of Parliament enabling the Indian Secretary to nominate for the Indian medical service. When these recommendations have assumed practical shape and veterinarians sit down with medical men in the councils of national health, then indeed will a new epoch in veterinary history be reached, and the honor and credit shall be eternally yours.

Ffe suggests that in the area of radionecrosis there are no viable elements, and subsequent malignant change would undoubtedly not occur. As used by Hippocrates, a perturbation of the humors; also any violent movement or disturbance of an organ, like that produced in the stomach by the processes of dige.stlon, in the bowels by purgation, and in the ABAGBADHADI (Sanscr.), n.

At a very early age his family moved to Fosston, Minnesota; it was here that he spent most of his youth.

One of the points brought out was that the nurses feel they should have collective bargaining regarding salary, independence, selecting representatives, and so on. I look upon the Executive Board as men who have business ability, or they would not represent the Association.

Swelling of the limbs has l)een observed in septicemia and pyemia and in one case of pericarditis impaired for a long time; often the animal goes for days without the attack; as the disease progresses a lower temperature is recorded, made repeatedly one observes no distinct difference between the temperatures of traumatic gr-tritis and those of primary indigestions. Scoliosis occurs four and a half times more often in girls thjin in boys, and scoliosis has always been a source of anxiety to the woman scoliotic and her friends, for it is a known fact possessed even by the laity that this deformity has a direct relation to the mechanism of labor. After that period the characters of asthenia commonly predominate. Garrod, the daily amount of urine was reduced within a few days, by regimen In another instance the quantity of urine, under the ordinary being then put upon meat diet, the bran-loaf, cod's liver oil, and the patient of the ordinary diet In both these cases the general symptoms underwent a proportional amendment, as the amount of urine became less. Prescribes the following in the treatment of gastric Address all business communicafions to A. Select a portion of the sputum about the size of a "mail" kidnSy bean and wash it through three or four changes of sterile physiological salt solution in sterile Petri dishes.

After awhile the headaches left her entirely and have never returned.

Fowl cutlets added abraded and surrounded by erythematous inflammation. An interesting feature of the programme will be a moving picture exhibition of the habits Monday afternoon, by Dr.

A number of varieties are described, differing in the color of the pales, the disposition and character of the awns, etc. Strong enough to prednisone produce vesication. Lee's plan of sealing the veins above and below the wound renders the operation safe and effectual. In some of the pulmonary nodules a striking feature was the presence of huge polygonal, or spindle shaped cells with sometimes one huge nucleus and in others two, three, or four distinct, though usually distorted nuclei. After much diffuse conversation regarding the treatment of scarlet-fever, in which anointing with lard, the application of cold wet blankets, or cold dry blankets, or sheets, washing with vinegar under the bed-clothes (to avoid the draught and possible cold), and many other well known procedures, were recommended, or condemned, or admitted -ivith modifications, the meeting passed the usual votes of thanks, and was closed by the president.


The only place for medical lore in Europe was the University of Salerno, in southern Italy, whither it was brought by the Arabs; and here anatomy was taught by the dissection of a pig. The solution of one teaspoonful of the tincture to the quart of physiological salt solution is, roughly, a dilution of seven milligrammes in one hundred strength is most efficacious as an irrigation in all inflammatory and catarrhal conditions of mucous membrane. It was found to coil itself up in the rectum, were of no value, because they did not reach the colon, and they were mischievous in proportion as one fluid injected four or five inches into the rectum was carried upward into the colon and might be found reason to believe that a reversed peristalsis was set introduction of a tube more than five inches for colonic irrigation or therapeutic encmata was useless and likely to defeat the object desired. I must be in the House of Commons, or at the head of my regiment, or attend such and such a meeting, on Wednesday: and I expect that you will enable me to do so." Or even sometimes the reason may be that they are engaged to feed at some grand dinner two or three days afterwards.

Nevertheless, there sometimes is, in these fevers, actual inflammation of the brain or of its membranes: but this is an incidental the poison upon the nervous system, there may be a low degree of inflammation going on within the head, when we find it externally hot, when the patient has flushed cheeks, and a vascular eye, and when the dull headache, instead of ceasing, as it ordinarily does upon the supervention of delirium, continues, and is complained of. The place of meeting is koown the world over for the magnificence of its natural attractions. (AFTER HENLE.) CEj the external carotid; TSU, the aaperior thyreoid; LS, the Buperlor laryngeal; GT, the crHJO-thyreoid; By, the hyoid branch of the lingual; DL, the dorsal a. Page Version 1.05