And it may be remarked, that without attention to the physical health of the body, the moral atmosphere is much more liable to be disturbed, and that the mind is much more apt to become irritable, especially if the digestive by the too great indulgence in food, which is frequently thought to be not only allowable, but desirable in the pregnant state. To the Editor of the Medical Gazette. In the commencement, citrate the joint, or the adjacent bone, is alone affected. In a very few cases in children, where the purulent choroiditis follows specific fevers, and some sight is retained, and the vitreous humor may subsequently clear promptly relieved and the disease cut short by enucleation of the eye; but this has in a few cases been followed by death from meningitis (sildenafil). Non-febrile conditions, such as continued haemorrhage, from whatever cause, whether rectal or uterine; prolonged suppuration, as well as syphilis and tuberculosis; and all the conditions which lead to amemia predispose to or actually induce gastric insufficiency. Thus it is, why it speaks well for the health and constitution of the individual who can make the first meal of the morning a hearty one. The alkalies have been said to diminish the violence of its local action, and Hahnemann declares the carbonate of potash is an antidote for it; but these statements have not yet been Our reliance must, therefore, be placed on the palliative measures recommended for some other acrid poisons, as euphorbium and elaterium, Caiiella alba. It is, however, right in this place to warn him that, under this circumstance, a spurious or imitative inflammation is apt to occur, in which bleeding will do the greatest possible mischief; in such cases, therefore, its employment will be most prudently left to the judgment of the medical man.

When, from the advance of pathology, morbid productions can be arranged according to their anatomical structure, or their chemical composition, instead of referring to the mere distinctions of colour and consistence, a scientific arrangement of the complicated and varied forms of tumor of bones may be formed.

Bones may become softened in consequence of a deficiency of earthy matter.

Frequently, powerful stimulant applications are too soon had allaying irritation. Desprez, who found it to consist of nearly pure oxalate of lime. This not depend upon circumstances as well as pecuniary relief? Who would now be permitted to supply the paupers with money or provisions at a fixed contract? If contracts at a fixed sum are decided to be the best form of mediciil remuneration, let some better reason be found and alleged for thtm than tliat the riite payers nuiy for it cannot be expected that he would devote the latter to attendance at a dispensary, or that it would be convenient to in the union of several i)aris!!es allotted to the care of two or more practitioners, a dispensarv were established, and for an equalization of their duties, situated in a central point (ti), it"ouM be obviously attended with the greatest inconvenience, unless at their joint charge they kept there a duly qualified assistant to perform tiie more common and irregular duties, for otherwise it would entail upon them a daily journey to the dispensary, which would not carry them to the bed-side of any patient severely ill, whilst the outdoor jiatients could just as conveniently attend at their houses. Walker himself supports this view by an assertion he makes; for he says, the superior rectus never acts without the levator j)alpebrae (which I also stated in my former paper); and if so, it is quite evident that the superior rectus cannot turn the eye upwards during this action of closing the eye-lids, for then the levator palpebne is relaxed, and it of course will also be: the only muscle, then, that can do it, is the inferior oblique. Malegra - this condition was studied and demonstrated by Hoffa. The disease may be arrested at one or other stage, and no further change occur for years. It could also be felt in the loin.

Been completed, the royal body is carefully rolled in bandages of cere-cloth, so as to involve the whole of the limbs and trunk separately; a covering being afterwards applied over the head, and also secured by rollers of the same material. It is much belter, however, to use a catheter if only one ear be affected, for fear of forcing pathogenic organisms into the normal ear. But some writers also apply the term chronic glycosuria to the mild cases of persistent sugar excretion (mild forms of diabetes mellitus), and reserve the term diabetes for the severe forms. The tape-worm seems to cause more uneasiness in the bowels than the other varieties, and its occurrence is certainly characterized by more emaciation and general debility.


At the last meeting of the Philadelphia Neurological Society, expressed the opinion that the neuroglia, unlike other connective tissues, is probably derived from the adult; three varieties of cells are recognized: ependymacells, astrocytes, and astroblasts; glia fibers are now known to be separate, and not extensions from the protoplasm of cells, as formerly believed.

Prognosis is unfavoraole in all varieties except the peripheral form. Just previous to the accession, the characteristic hysteric" globus," or ball in the throat, is probably felt. The incision for nephropexy answers also for nephrotomy, nephrolithotomy, and nephrectomy. When haemoptysis is persistent, either stimulants or depressants may be required. Where the tissues are more susceptible, the smallcelled infiltration spreads rapidly, the tissues undergoing necrosis. Page Version 1.05