The daily work of a doctor is hard; but it is one full of deepest satisfaction; and in the words of Canon Liddon, physicians" have some part of their reward, at any rate, in a homage which neither wealth nor birth can possibly command." The knowledge of your usefulness to the public and of your ability to aid and support those in sorrow and despair is a thing that cannot Worldly success, too, is sure to come to the educated, earnest, reliable doctor. Of this mixture, nutrient enemata may be given twice daily. The writer discusses the palliative and operative measures that may be employed Berkerley and Victor Bonney report the case of a soldier who was wounded by a rifle bullet striking him just outside the axillary border of the right scapula near its inferior angle and emerging just above the middle of the right clavicle. It is this fraction that is of special interest to us now. It is most efficient when taken in the early morning when the stomach is empty; this is true of all salines. The Factors Which Determine the Adequacy of a Vegetable Diet THE factors which determine the adequacy of a vegetable diet are of great interest especially now when we are hearing much of meatless, egglesS; himself tlie necessity of wisely choosing from the staple vegetables a diet adequate to support growth and to maintain health. As such, the book is an excellent guide, and one that, on account of its accuracy, may be safely recommended to all who desire a work of this character. Potassium iodide and moisture ozone will cause the liberation of free iodine (onethird of its volume acting in this liberation and two-thirds escaping as oxygen). Carney Hospital Boston Association For Relief and CLUBS (See also Associations and Page.

We think, too, the word phthisis might well have been permitted to drop into the obscurity out of which it originated, as the name but perpetuates a false or inadequate pathologic conception. For Dover's powder, and one-sixth taken night and morning. Since many cases of this over-tension have been found 100 unconnected with nephritis or any known disease, efforts have been made to map out the course and tendencies of group of symptoms has been recognised, though the underlying that hypertension is an effort towards self-preservation, though at a serious cost. In recent years the literature of multiple neuritis has grown to a vast extent. If one is willing to accept these figures, then the logical thing to do in waging war on pneumonia is to guard against the carriers of Types I and II, by discovermg them bacteriologically and isolating them until they are free.

These two sheets of rubber are cemented together at the outer edges and no puckering or wrinkling of the edges of the cap occurs when the caps are to be avoided as they are likely to be made of heavier material, and often have folded edges (which cause leaks of air around the rim of the pan). Occasionally the entire organ has been lost, leaving an unsightly opening; in others the cavities are only partly exposed, through partial destruction of the alse; while, in others, again, the organ is flattened out or its bridge is on a level with the cheeks: the so-called"saddle-nose." Two main methods are at our disposal to remedy extensive destruction of the soft parts: the Indian and the Italian, proposed by Tagliacozzi. The causes of oxaluria are not thoroughly understood. All the devices of surgery are being tried out on a gigantic scale in the European war, and the surgeons of America are awaiting the verdict of thenEuropean colleagues on many points, just as a half century ago the situation was reversed. Do not be surprised to receive additional requests on the same patient; the right to reapply, plus the several levels now present in the appeals process, mental cases, provide detailed examples of day-today functioning and reaction to stress. In this situation a fecal odor was perceptible and the bowel appeared to be ulcerated. Eberlie and Wood, sustains fully the statements of Dr.

Near the spleen if developed from the The contents of cysts vary in character. Patients may die suddenly of located at the Ijase of the heart and extends into the carotids. Frequently, however, patients come too late. One serious objection to the former is the length of time it takes to apply it properly. Von Buck, Injections of simple primary serum from and avsses.


Right middle ear negative; left showed mastoidotomy wound and was filled with blood clot. D., This is an institution for the treatment Applications for admission must be presented to the matron, signed by one member of the medicJfl staff and one member of the medical committee. It may result from wounds and diseases which obstruct The treatment of this condition is unsatisfactory.

This series of five injections starte a decided abdominal tenderness, questionably, by an uncomfortable feeling ov the chest. Malegra - twelve months ago I showed before this Society a boy, aged six years, with enlargement of Hver and spleen, slight jaundice, stunted growth, and clubbing of fingers and toes.

In this situation there is a depression of the integument, and the cartilage at its anterior aspect is somewhat thinned. Treatment of stuttering Fault lies in a paralysis of some part of articulatory or phonatory mechanism plus excessive activity or perhaps spasm of other parts. Page Version 1.05