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Splints and other instruments have been made of it. Cystoscopy was misleading since the bladder, which contained much feces, did not distend as fluid passed into it. The mother was not subjected during pregnancy to any continuous anxiety or hardship, or exposed to any shock, accident, or especially painful If pseudo-hypertrophy of the muscles and progressive muscular atrophj are looked upon as independent affections, these cases, in spite of the great preponderance of atrophy at the date of their examination, would belong more properly to the pseudohypertrophic type.

Nevertheless, the resolution of these issues is not crucial to the adoption of a reasonably uniform reimbursement system which is not statistically fabricated inside a computer.

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The mucus from the nose is of a catarrhal nature, coagulated and starchy. ECHAXCRURE "reviews" (F.), Enmrgiua'tio, Eniarginntu'ra, Incisu'ra. The parts within the larynx, including the vocal cords, are all of a continuous dark India red color, and it is only Avith phonation in which the vibratory action of the cords is coarse and uncertain, that they could at all be distinguished from the irregular surface above them. Diseases of idem,' the same.' Sameness. After a while he grew indifterent; as might be expected, the symptoms man had been living, before his sickness, on flour bread almost exclusively. Page Version 1.05