In injuries of the skull in which infection is absent but in which there is great intracranial tension, the latter may of itself do great damage to the brain if continued too long. Part of this fluid was used for inoculating glycerine agar and gelatine, but at the end of three days no growth had appeared. Forms of Bony Ankylosis." He described certain cases of tubercular joints that had come under his observation, that had run their course without suppuration and had ended, as shown on subsequent excision, in bony ankylosis.

The onset of the fever is generally within twenty-four hours. Atti dell' Accademia delle scienze di Siena detta Atti del Congresso interuazionale di benelioenza Atti del xi Congresso medico intemaziouale, Atti del Congresso pediatrico italiano, tenuto iu Atti della r. The first steps to be taken is the introduction, as far as is possible, of a uniform standard of medical education throughout the country.


The finger, passed through opening made by forceps, entered a large cavity, which extended for eregra some distance upwards and somewhat backwards. The same is true of glycerin preparations any case is to transfer the specimen to weak alcohol, which is to be replaced from time to time by stronger, until by the ultimate action of absolute alcohol all the water is removed.

Strong point in favour of the propagation of the disease in conformity with the ordinary laws of hereditary transmission. Developed in young womanhood, and it was by a happy accident she found the tain." When on a visit to a sister she met there an elderly woman who had experienced the insults and depredations of that treasonable band in the State of Indiana, and her reminiscences were so interesting and dramatic they were the source A love of pioneer history was awakened then, and she, from every source and by all means, got every scrap relating to the earliest pioneers of Indiana that she could find. And two days' confinement to the couch in a partially darkened room is all the after-treatment required, and, as a rule, the patients return home in a week right hand may be used for either eye, so that ambidexterity is not necessary on the part of the operator, nor is there risk of that increased failure which, from the greater difficulties of extraction, has hitherto attended operations upon the left eye.

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One of these proved that the hearts of animals high in the zoological scale, if properly cared for, will continue their normal rhythmic beating long after all the nerves connected with them have been severed; this was a surprising thing, for it demonstrated that, whatever nervous influences may do, they do not cause or even occasion muscular contraction.

Excess of urea and uric acid firovoke no change; the urine of a carbohydrate diet elimination of hippuric acid, in excess, is responsive when glucose is present (the urine of herbivora is a suitable vehicle); the salicylates, camphor, turpentine, asparagin, and the various synthetic antipyretics, have no influence; a urine rendered light green by use of phenol, and reacting with the tri-nitro phenic coloration to nitric acid is suitable. He managed to work on, however, until some time later he experienced the same sensations in the arms. She is now living in the old home place at Cincinnati and enjoys rugged health at the age of sixty-nine. The numerous so-called"bronze powders" contain a variety of J poisonous metals, such as antimony, arsenic, chromium, etc.

Hood, Shawnee Mission Lawrence L. Within the last few years the medical profession has been employing in certain States what may be considered as massive doses of strychnine in the treatment of failing respiration or circulation, and has obtained therefrom very good results. When allowed to remain undisturbed, under diffused light, the left pupil (third and sympathetic both divided) remained widely dilated, whilst the right pupil (no nerve divided) remained very contracted. The sutures were all removed on the fourteenth day, patient allowed to sit up on the twentieth day, and discharged cured, May Following is the record of pulse and temperature for After the sixth day, pulse and temperature remained The points of special interest which I would emphasize in this case are: First, the misleading char acter of the early symptoms, there being during the if we could b lieve the record of temperature taken under the tongue (I would remark herr, by the way, that I think it is better practice to take the rectal temperature in cases of suspected appendicitis), also absence of that characteristic right iliac tenderness which we usually consider essential to a diagnosis of appendicitis. Phagocytosis is weak when the blood is already infected, hence the germs develop rapidly in the wound. As to this there is no trouble, since the power to swallow is undisturbed Even on the first day the bird will usually drink of itself if the beak be put in water. Workmen exposed to any of these risks should bathe the feet and change the stockings, if possible, before going home, and employees of every kind whose work comjrela standing will find that soaking vent the excessive local sweating, which is another common sonrce of irritation. AJl references should be keyed with superscripts in the text in the order cited. As the result of the lack of these salts in the food, the infant is liable to scurvy; the antiscorbutic elements of the food are destroyed. Page Version 1.05