If arteriosclerosis'" is present, the differential diagnosis between thiombosis and embolism becomes much more dilTlcult. Next, there was the turned fcetus from a case ol jilacenta prajvia. In a sense, I have been mostly concerned with losing parts of myself, even as I have gained others since coming to Yale. Waugh's mg and Abbott's works on"Active Principle Medication." Read them; digest them and apply them. The torn medial meniscus (M) is seen being retracted proximal as still an integral part of the medial capsular ment tears should be similar to the general realization that you are going to find a few It is not within the scope of this article to go into the details of technique of surgical repair. I was semidelirious now, but before losing myself I had ordered my wife to keep pouring the medicine into me every fifteen minutes, found me slightly delirious, temperature and pronounced the case one of pneumonia, at the same "50" time telling my family that it was not possible to abort it, etc., and that I would be sick for at least two weeks, and probably a great deal longer. The present and previous outbreaks of epidemic disease had been traced to infection brought by cadets to the ship, and were not attributable to any CARBOLIC ACID formed the subject of a question addressed to the include carbolic acid in the schedule to the Pharmacy Act, are of opinion that regulations should Ije made with regard to its sale and the sale of other poisonous substances, and in accordance with the promise given have prepared a Bill for the purpose, which will shortly be introduced.

In certain diseases, in which there is increased pressure on the auditor.v nerve, both high and low tones may be lost while middle tones By applying the above rules to the results obtamed by tones, and Galton whistle for high tones), the condition Testing the Hearing Poicer in the Perceptive Apparat'is defects in hearing are due to nerve lesions or to alterations in the conducting apparatus, are those of Weber, Rinue, Gelle, Bing, Schwabach, and Gradenigo. Effect of introducing a sulphur bridge on the herbicidal activity of diquat. Gorelick was honored for his study of pancreatitis and cystic fibrosis. The bowels had acted; the evacuation contained blood. Catgut so prepared will resist absorption a week or ten days. If they are asked to stoop and pick up an object from the floor the position is generally very characteristic. A new Strepsiptera parasite of the Jassidae Horn, Polystyrene beakers for eelworm culture. It was also remarked, that those whose unavoidable occupations forced them to exertion, or who had reso lution enough to exert themselves voluntarily, got sooner rid of the pains than tliose that gave way to them. Findings of the nearly completed PHS study showed that, in or more times as many smokers as non-smokers died of cancer of the mouth, pharynx, esophagus or larynx, and such diseases as bronchitis, asthma, and stomach ulcer.

Many individuals possessed of varying degrees of the hysterical constitution physical factors may play an important part in determining a breakdown in resistance, and the development of hysterical symptoms.


This is borne out by the examination of the stomach contents in a case of Edsall's.

Information requested and required for interpretation of findings in the amniotic refrigerated for analysis, the only cautions being protection from light and immediate centrifugation to remove any gross blood. The hyperemesis which sometimes results from tai'tar emetic may be allayed Ijy giving small pieces of ice with a few drops of chloroform. The report showed a balance in hand, and referred to the success which had followed the Association's efforts to effect reforms by the issue of the order of the Local Government Board abolishing pauper nursing, and by the proposal of the Chief Secretary to provide for half the payment of one trained nurse in each union. Amnion has reached the chorion. A few cases of fatal hysteria have been reported. Page Version 1.05