It may be taken for granted, therefore, that their left kichieys were at the time of operation, as they are now, in perfect health. The cyst discount was foimd to be hydatid; it was evacuated and drained, urges the clinical study of surgical cases for tmdergraduates. SPECIAL FUND FOR THE LONDON HOMCEOPATHIC An attempt is on foot to place the funds of this admirable institution on a securer basis. The Henry Rolando Scholarship was established by the Board of Regents of the University of Maryland from a bequest to the Board by the late Anne H. Prevent cardiac and other serious lesions, nor influence the duration of the attack, but are, on the contrary, rather cause for relapses and chronicity, as is so ably and conclusively proven by The treatment has, in all my cases, been directed almost exclusively in the Une of digestion and general hygiene, as I have found all my rheumatics to be chronic dyspeptics of some sort or other. The involvement of the kidney in general miliary tuberculosis does not give rise to any symptoms.

The faradic current cannot be used in this way, as it does not pass through the A prism may be used over the affected eye to counteract the diplopia. The emotional disturbance interfering with the treatment can generally be avoided by commencing with a very weak current.

For example: Diseases of the digestive organs.


Which the specific germs of yellow fever may be conveyed irom the sick to the healthy.

It is most common in the spring or early summer, when the feed is luxuriant, and in the fall. According to its various causes, atrophy of the optic nerve has been classified as primary, secondary, and consecutive. Blisters to the legs and arms, have also their good effects, and ought to be repeated in obstinate cases. Indeed, I am entirely within the botmds of truth when I state that the patient owes her life to the unremitting watchfulness and the slriD and judgment displayed by both Dr. On the other hand, a bandage that I have been using for the past five years will not only remain just as applied for days or even weeks and be absolutely comfortable to the wearer, but also permits the employment of the fixed antiseptic dressing for leg This bandage is applied to the foot and ankle in the usual manner until that point immediately beneath the calf is reached, where reverses would usually be begun. Regarding the means of protest adopted by the gentlemen to whom I have referred, I surmise that the board of health, like Hippocleides," cares not." Of course, it may render it difficult to obtain gentlemen of equal standing to accept the positions, because such acceptance would imply, under the circumstances, a certain lack of moral fiber that men occupying such positions are not likely to have. The poorer people of the city who cannot afford outings send their children to country peasants and receive in return for an equal length of time peasant children who want to see the city (code). Darwin's discussion of instinct in the" Origin of Species," and the light he was able to throw upon obscure cases by the aid of natural selection, formed a suitable commencement to true psychological science.

Following this the pathology of pregnancy, labor and the Each student spends time during his junior year at the Baltimore City Hospitals observing, assisting and finally delivering patients under strict supervision. He visited the great Andes of the Equator chiefly to indulge his spirit of adventure and write a book, but hardly less was he actuated by a desire to contribute some assured facts concerning the malady of great altitudes. In health and in disease the quantity of water eliminated by the kidney is ultimately determined by the functional activity of the glomerular tuft and the glomerular epithelium, and the functional activity of these structures is greatly influenced by the rate of the blood flow through the renal vessels. Keadle, Robert Franklin University Hospital, Baltimore, Md. Crucial incisions were then made with the scalpel and scissors into the hymen, which was one-fourth inch in thickness near the central orifice and thicker near its insertions. In the treatment of favus the masses of crusts are to be thoroughly softened with oil, to which some paraffin may be added in the event of pediculi being present. Pasteur was one of the greatest investigators the world has produced; he was tmmercifully criticised because pharmacy his views were so original and so astonishing; but his principal conclusions have been accepted by other investigators because they have been confirmed and are right. To such cases the name acute ascending paralysis has been provisionally applied, and from the fact that it was first described by Landry, it has also been called Landry's paralysis. Ingram, William Braxton United States Naval Hospital Jernigan, John Mayo, Jr University Hospital, Baltimore, Md. Page Version 1.05