The poultice dosage was often renewed. The body swells to the greatest dimensions, and the most excrutiating pains follow and continue until of disease. Chaloner, Avho, in Virginia, is legally sane, and, in New York, legally insane. Should the hand fail to accomplish this, it could be readily effected by Barnes' dilators. It is also liable to occur in all conditions which cause an alteration of the blood, such as scurvy, anemia, leucocythemia; also from a weakening of the walls of the blood vessels, as occurs in atheroma, and particularly is this true if there is a heart lesion accompanying this last named condition.

Knowing this, we should then carefully observe the means by which nature removes diseases, recollecting that the all-wise architect who formed our bodies to meet every requirement of our existence, was not forgetful that they would be subject to disease. D., notes of an epidemic of typhoid fever at Donaldson's Hospital, GiRALDEs, M. At the time of birth a discoloration of the size of a sixpence was perceived; shortly after it became elevated, and daily augmented up to the date of the patient's admission: its present form and size is that of half a small orange. This is an assumption, destitute of all probability. She said she believed she became pregnant in the early part of January, as "threadworms" she had menstruated in the last week of the She believed she quickened at the early part of April; but that shortly after, or about that period, she lifted, with one hand, a full pail of water from a tub, after which her feelings became different from those on former occasions. There were a few adhesions on The pericardium appeared like a large solid growth, filling up the whole of the upper two-thirds of the left side, extending one inch to right of middle line, and as far down as the ensiform cartilage. Now, as rotlieln is a kindred eruptive fever, might not some herb be found that would inove a preventive in this disease? I am more inclined to recommend Veratrum viride (American hellebore) as a prophylactic in this disease, because I am satisfied that venesection (bleeding) in the early stages of the malady is demanded.

At length four candles were brought into the theatre, and by their aid he contrived to read in a very low, drawling, and inarticulate tone, the remainde Some of Mr. To the casual observer it may seem absurd to form conclusions in regard to diseases of swine from a previous knowledge of the diseases of man, but when we consider that the hogresembles his two-footed brother in many respects, has a similar alimentary canal, like viscera, the same system of blood-vessels and nervous structure, is also omnivorous, and that the diseases under consideration are caused by specific blood poisons, which act in like manner on man and brute through the process of inflammation, we can but conclude that if we find a set of certain classified symptoms in a hog with a distinctly marked uniform set of pathological lesions, and a similar set of symptoms in man with like morbid lesions, that these two are one and the same disease, and should bear the same title, especially when we can trace the cause in both cases to the same exciting agent. The cases given are amongst the severer ones treated; the milder ones succumbed more readily to the treatment, one dose being usually sufficient; the general result being to keep the wards almost empty, from the rapidity with which the patients are enabled to be discharged. At a later period of the disease, it is seldom complained of. The "eggs" alterative syrup should be freely given, and continued a length of time. He evidently did not strike it right for I had to call up several people before I found one who recognized his description, and I asked this man to come to my office In the meantime the patient became worse, and I led him to the lounge, unbuttoning his collar, waistcoat and trousers; as he was excessively pale.


The greater part of the small intestines was situated in a small space behind the portion of the tumour which represented the transverse mesocolon, and in front of for the right kidney. The rank of surgeons and physicians was at this time very different, though in point of real knowledge, and capability of rendering useful service, they were nearly on a par. The percentage of malignant degeneration of the benign growth is about one per cent.

The claim of having first prescribed the hydrocyanic acid in dyspeptic have no wish to rob Dr. The author claims to have had excellent results from injecting water into paralyzed and wasting muscles;"it promotes their nutrition, and contributes indirectly to the regeneration of voluntary power." We subjoin the list of those agents, which the author considers necessary for the ordinary contingencies of medical hypodermic practice: Morphia Sulphate, Apomorphia, Atropia Sulphate, Eserine Sulphate or Muriate, Strychnia Sulphate, Pilocarpine Nitrate, Quinia Sulphate, Chloroform, Ergotin. I shall, therefore, detail what I have observed to be those The materials for the inquiry consist in the diagrams above referred to; tabulated observations of the position of the thoracic viscera in the tranquil state, and during a deep inspiration, in eighty persons, of both sexes "and" and various ages, in whom the lungs and heart were healthy; and tabulated observations made with the chest-measurer, of the movements of the ribs and abdomen in fifty-seven persons free from organic disease. Page Version 1.05