There are thirty plates and sixty-five microscopical drawings, all Nervous and Mental Diseases. To prevent the maniac from injuring himself or others, the best expedient is the strait waistcoat; and it is always distressing and hurtful to make the patient contend with the strength of other men.

The patient should spend the entire day out-ofdoors, without regard to the condition of the weather, proper precautions being taken to prevent the patient from taking cold. The bowels of such persons are slow.

At its representation in it because the code of ethics adopted by that society essentially differed from and was in conflict with the code of ethics of the American Medical Association. The necessity for reforms in the conduct of New York's Department of Charities and Correction has often pleased, therefore, to note the introduction by Assemblyman Pavey of a bill which, if it becomes a law, will prepare the way for much-needed reforms.


Nor are we well acquainted with the effects and counter-effects of mixed infections. The Tenement House Commission is at present doing excellent work with regard to the most serious features of domiciliary contamination and their efforts must be encouraged. That is to say, the use of such fluids, while they serve to wash away sejjtic material, tends to cripple the absorbing power of the peritoneum itself. At the same time, it is equally true, that a certain bulk must be introduced into the stomach for the purposes of good digestion; and hence even the most nutritive soups must have some solid or bulky vehicle or accompaniment, the stomach when a person is hungry, other symptoms at the same time occur in the constitution. In the other subdivision the primary tendency is toward catharsis, the emesis postponed until after catharsis has failed to be excited or to relieve. The loss of the sense of smell may be due to ulceration in the upper part of the nose, as on the middle turbinated bones, when the prognosis for the condition is due to obstruction of respiration by disease of the tissues in the lower part of the nose, olfaction will be restored when the healing of the parts takes place and respiration through the nose is restored. It is now three years ago since I treated this man, and he tells me on inquiry that he never had a return of his old trouble, and that his genital organs are in jierfect condition. Under regimen, we include the various exercise, air, excretions, and the management of the passions of the mind. The pain seemed to come in paroxysms, at which times the cyanosis would be greatest and in the height of the attack he required morphine. It is now admitted that it is difficult, if not impossible, for any medicine taken by the mouth to reach the kidneys and bladder so much unchanged, as to dissolve the stone or calculous matter; and any good that appears to have been done by such medicines, has been owing to their preventing the formation of the acid, which in many cases is somehow or other connected Avith stone.

In the accompanying figure F illustrates the piston, which consists of a moulded piece of rubber.

Flatness belongs to massive effusions, and the tone elicited is a compromise between the tympanitic and the dull note.

In no single instance could the attack that followed have been the result of the experimental application of the mosquito, because these insects when applied had been kept only from two to five days after biting a patient. A salt of much use as a refrigerant or cooling application in diseases of the inflammatory kind, as burns, contusions, and the like. The disease was undoubtedly the socalled" Paget's disease of the nipple" and underlying territory. At a consultation held some two weeks prior to this time, cow's milk had been ordered more liberally, and beef-juice as an additional article of diet. Gratitude is also expressed to Miss Marion B. That we know ourselves through the consensus of our sensibilities, is proved by the effect of temperature variations in altering states of our consciousness; for example, in this case Dr. That official was aware that this "sale" Board was performing professional services which were laborious and at the expense of its health and its pocket, to do a work of charity for a rich corporation, which is the city. There was pain on pressure over the appendix and virtually every of temperature, quick pulse, and the abdomen scaphoid (for). Some of them ) may no doubt be useful auxiliaries, and some of them may give relief in certain symptoms, as opium, sarsaparilla, the nitric acid, and some others; but for real curative powers, nothing can be compared with mercury. The action of the liver should be assisted by calomel and other purgatives. The author of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire informs us, in characteristic diction of grandiose for the purpose of ascertaining whether his wife had made a special visit to the wine cellar in his absence; a breach of domestic discipline for which she sometimes paid with her life.

The sentiment that animated all hearts appeared to be this: Union first, details afterward. If the disturbance is still more severe, the inhibitonpower of the cortical sensorj- cells over the motor may be destroyed and the latter allowed to discharge themselves, producing convulsive movements.

As an illustration let me cite a case that occurred last year in my practice. To adults he has given as much as twelve grains of carbolic acid every two hours with gratifying results. Bosworth whether in the condition in which the patient wet five or six handkerchiefs a day there was supersecrelion or deficient secretion. Page Version 1.05